Time To Kill In…Montreal

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A free day in a city away from home is a gift from the gods. For me anyway. And that's assuming we're talking about a city worth leaving the hotel room for. Of course, Montreal is one such place. And then some.

Start your day with a cafe at kitsuné on rue Prince-Arthur, where for a latte your options are soy milk or full fat. “2 percent doesn’t taste as good as homo milk” the barista told me.  I loved his firm stance on what tastes best and his refusal to fold to the Starbucks have-it-your-way of ordering. 


Then wander north along rue St Catherine, with its eclectic collection of shops.  Head west on rue Laurier where the merchant offerings are almost all local. No chain stores here.

Any foodie should stop at Les Touilleurs, for the very best in anything you need for your kitchen. I’m hopeful the $25 wooden spoon I bought (made in Quebec!) will turn me into the star chef I know is waiting to bust out of my gut.

For lunch at a trendy bistro, hit Leméac.  A glass of chablis paired with an omelet with red pepper ratatouille and green been salad hit the spot.  The bartender spoke to me in perfect english before seamlessly switching to perfect french for the patron sitting next to me.  Cool.


If you’re up for walking off lunch – and it’s a long walk – head south down to old Montreal. As you wander the cobblestone streets peeking in the galleries along rue St Paul you’ll feel like you’re in Paris.  And if you’ve got more money then sense, go shopping at SSense. The. Best. Clothes. In. Montreal.

The bar at Maison Boulud is a beautiful room for a pre-dinner drink and the bartender knows how to make a proper martini.

For dinner go straight to Europea.  It’s a gastronomical event that you will never forget.  Trust me.

[Bacon snacks to go with champagne at Europea]

And if you’re in search of a late night bite, don’t be fooled by the casual decor at chez Alexandre.  The french wine list is extensive and impressive, with amazing options from $40 to $4000.  A glass of Bordeaux and a Croque Monsieur sandwich and you’ll sleep like a baby.


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  • Chef Mike in Burlington ON

    Montreal is, (with all apologies to Toronto and Vancouver) in my opinion, the FIRST city of food in Canada. Their combination of classic old world cuisine, new world technique, fresh and local, fantastic cheeses, classic architecture and innovative chefs is just better than anywhere else in Canada. Sure,Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax and Quebec city all have their high points, but for sheer volume of innovative, fun, tasty, luxurious and cool cuisine, Montreal wins…

  • Eugen

    Next time I’m in Montreal I’m heading over to Maison Christian Faure’s in Old Montreal. I’ve had his pastries when he taught here in Ottawa at Le Cordon Bleu so I know it will be fantastic. The reviews for his new cafe are amazing.

    I figured next time you’re there you might want to hunt it down. You can check it out online if curious. And, no, I’m not in any way associated with Chef Faure other than having taken a couple of courses with him. That said, I’d happily take courses from him again — he’s a gas when he teaches, he just exudes joy in all things pastry and chocolate :-).