Tinted Moisturizers

Friday, 14 November 2008

You can achieve a natural, sun-kissed look year-round with a tinted moisturizer. While they colour and moisturize, many also include an SPF component for protection from the harmful effects of the sun. We test out some tinted moisturizers to see which sun-kiss and moisturize best.

The Basics

  • A tinted moisturizer is essentially three products in one:

    • A light and sheer foundation;

    • A light (for oily skin) to creamy (for dry skin) moisturizer. Combining moisturizer with foundation eliminates the problem of the foundation not adhering properly over a separate moisturizer

    • A sunscreen. Good tinted moisturizers have at least SPF15, and some go as high as SPF 30.

  • The colour in tinted moisturizers is not as intense as foundation, but you should try to match close to your natural skin tone.

  • To pick your colour, follow these tips:

    • For a natural look, go a half shade darker;

    • For a little extra colour, choose a full tone;

    • If you have skin with yellow undertones stick to yellow-based colour;

    • Red undertones are intended for peachy and pink skin;

  • The best way to gauge the right colour is under natural light.


We invited some successful film and TV makeup artists help us compare these four tinted moisturizers:

Our test products: . BUY IT
  • Cover Girl Smoothers: $10
. . Well.ca Drugstore.comicon
  • MAC: $24
. .
  • Clarins HydraQuench: $35
. . The Bay
  • Bobbi Brown: $50
. .

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)


Application Test

  • The Cover Girl is a light moisturizer, good for oily skin. It was too sheer for some, but a good price if it matches your colour needs.

  • The MAC had a nice, matte finish.

  • The Clarins only had SPF 6, which we felt was not worth the money.

  • The Bobbi Brown had good coverage, and the colour tint was just enough to give a real natural look, with SPF 15 and a very hydrating moisturizer.


Because we’re in front of the camera a lot, our skin goes through a lot. We’re willing to splurge on the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer because we found it really effective at both moisturizing and providing a hint of colour. However, the MAC and Cover Girl are good, less expensive alternatives.




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