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Goodbye diapers, hello toilet training. Though it's not usually a quick process, toilet training can often be helped along with disposable training pants, which can get your toddler ready for the move to big kid underpants. We look at how training pants help turn your children into happy flushers.

The Basics

    • The right size is important. Good, snug leg cuffs should be comfortable, but taut enough to keep messy leaks in.

    • Unlike diapers, training pants should feel wet and uncomfortable so that kids can pick up on the psychological cue the next time they have the urge.

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  • Some brands use cute designs that fade when they get wet, meant to be another learning trigger for your child. However, it may really be something only parents use, since kids are likely wearing clothes on top or are too busy to notice.

Other Considerations

  • Many popular brands are decorated with gender specific character favourites such as Disney princesses, Dora the Explorer and Spiderman, often a big hit with kids.


We recruited some toilet-ready toddlers and their parents to help us test out these training pants over a week:

  • GoodNites: 81¢ each
  • Pampers Feel and Learn: 55¢ each
  • Huggies Pull Ups: 50¢ each
  • Generic Store Brand: 47¢ each

Absorbency Test

We tested how much and how quickly the training pants absorbed liquid:

  • All of the training pants soaked up the liquid pretty quickly, leaving a dryer, more comfortable feel for the toddler.

  • The Pampers stayed wet slightly longer than the rest.

Comfort Test

  • The character-decorated Huggies and Pampers were both a hit with the kids

  • Some moms felt the Huggies were more comfortable because they absorbed wetness, but isn’t that the point?

  • Other moms felt the Pampers were soft and they liked the easy-tear sides for quick clean-up when necessary.


Since familiarity and persuasion are key to toilet training success, we recommend using the character-decorated pants, either Huggies or Pampers, which are fun for kids both to learn with and to wear.

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