Turkey with a side of deliciousness

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Thanksgiving dinner is just a couple of days away and I can feel people fretting over the possibility of a dry bird. But the turkey should be the least of your concerns.

Isn’t it all about the side dishes? Classics like brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberry and the all important gravy? The bird may form the backbone of Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s everything piled on top that makes the difference. (And can disguise a dry bird.)

So this year I thought I’d share a few of my favourite side dish recipes – some classics, some not and some a bit of both – to help round out this all important feast.

Cranberry sauce from Food Network’s Alex Guarnaschelli (Cook’s note: I cut down on the sugar a bit in this recipe. And it has a nice hint of spice.)

Sautéed Pears with Bacon and Mustard Dressing from Bon Appetit (Cook’s note: This dish will become a fan favourite. It’s crazy good.)

Brussels Sprouts from Mark Bittman (Cook’s note: You can replace the balsamic with maple syrup, which also results in deliciousness.)

Gravy from Betty Crocker (Cook’s note: There are a lot of twists on classic gravy out there, but to me turkey gravy is meant to be a mixture of fat, flour and seasonings. I like to keep it basic. Taste and season as you go.)

Croissant Stuffing with Sausage and Apple from Delish (Cook’s note: The croissants make this dish extra buttery and rich, so keep that in mind when planning the rest of your menu.)

Glazed Pearl Onions from Martha Stewart (Cook’s note: This one’s a bit unexpected. And so good paired with everything else.)

Potato Dauphinoise from Gordon Ramsay (Cook’s note: Similar to scallop potatoes. This is definitely better when made the day before, chilled and reheated before serving. The time in the fridge will allow it to thicken and stick together better. Insanely rich and addictive. I have been known to add it to my turkey sandwich the next day.)

And when it comes to the turkey itself? I have cooked it every which way and I absolutely swear by the dry brine technique for moist results. Good luck! And remember, if I can cook it so can you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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  • BrainofMorbius

    The final recipe caught my eye (being of German descent we love our potatoes LOL) but have never seen King Edward or Maris Piper potatoes in the stores out here…