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Nothing keeps unwanted hairs at bay like a good pair of tweezers. We set out to find the pair with the most pleasing squeeze.

The Basics

  • For hygienic reasons, stainless steel is best since they’re easy to clean with alcohol. And if you’re the least bit sensitive to other metals, stainless is also the best hypoallergenic option.

  • Tweezers have two tip options: slanted or pointed.

Other Considerations

  • Take care not to drop your tweezers since the tips can be damaged or the alignment thrown off.


We test two of each type of tip:

Our test products: . Available at
  • Revlon (slant tip): $7.99
. . Well.ca Drugstore.com
  • Tweezerman (slant tip): $19.99
. . Sephora icon
  • Revlon Ultimate (point tip): $13.99
. . Well.ca  
  • Tweezerman (point tip): $22.99
. . Sephora icon

(Note: prices listed above are approximate and in Canadian dollars)

Precision Test

  • For overall precision, the pointed tips seemed to provide more control.

  • Other testers liked the slant tip for their ability to grab more in one tweeze; best for areas that didn’t need much precision.


Tip type is up to personal preference, but there was no disagreement when it came to brand: Tweezerman plucked the top spot.


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