Viviscal Hair Supplements – Do They Work?

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

About eight months ago I read an article that mentioned Viviscal, a supplement designed to tackle the very same hair problems I have been plagued by – frequent breakage, loss and thinning hair.

In the article, a California dermatologist was quoted recommending it, claiming that many Hollywood celebrities (including Gwnyeth Paltrow, who’s quoted on the website) take Viviscal and swear by it.

The product is “drug-free” and according to the literature contains “the exclusive Marine Complex AminoMar CTM which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote healthy hair from within.” Viviscal also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals (including silica, biotin and a hefty dose of vitamin C) that are supposed to promote healthy hair growth and limit hair loss.  Here’s a good rundown and analysis of the ingredient list.


The dosage is two pills a day for those under 80 kg and three pills for those over. After six to eight months, you can knock that down to one pill. There’s also a Viviscal for men that’s a slightly different formulation, most notably, it doesn’t contain iron.

I’m not the most diligent of pill poppers and sometimes I forgot to take them all together. But when I run my hands through my hair, I do feel like I have more of it.  And I’ve been seeing these little sprouts at my hairline which I’m told are new growth.  (Trust me, they’re there!)


It’s not a dramatic change, but it’s something. One thing I am sure of is that my nails are stronger. They used to break and peel and now they rarely do either and they seem to grow very quickly. (My friend who has only been taking them for a short time is experiencing similar results.)

A word of warning, the product is not recommended for those allergic to soy or fish.  Hence, not a good option for vegans or vegetarians either.  Another downside is the price: a one-month supply of 60 tablets is $60.  Yup, a buck a pop! But considering how much I’ve spent on other hair fortification methods, I feel it’s worth it.

You can order Viviscal online or for those living in Canada, you can find it at Shoppers Drug Mart. If you order via the company’s website, they often have special offers, like a three month supply of pills and a small shampoo and conditioner, both which I found a bit lack luster.

I haven’t experienced any side effects. I have gained a few pounds but I should likely blame the cookies and not the Viviscal.

Am I 100%, stake my life on it, convinced that it’s working? No. But I think it is.  And since perception is everything, that’s all that matters!

If you’ve tried Viviscal, I’d love to hear from you on whether you’ve noticed a change to your hair.



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  • sunshine

    Did you notice any increase in unwanted hair growth, like facial hair? I wrestle with that now, so I wonder if it would get worse on something like this. Otherwise I do like the sounds of it!

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Nope, but I don’t think I’m prone to that. My lashes seem better too but I’m also using Latisse, when I remember to apply it!

  • pj

    I don’t have a thinning hair problem, but have noticed my hair losing luster, etc. as I age. My hairdresser has been using a new product called “Micro Carbonation Therapy” and WOW what a difference. It is lighter feeling, shinier and easier to style. What a difference it has made.

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Thanks for letting me know about it!

  • NanaimoTaxpayer

    I am 2 months into my first three months with this product. What I have noticed so far are that I m experiencing more frequent breakouts on my skin which has never been an issue, and some weight gain (not much but a couple of pounds). My nails are stronger but I have yet to see noticeably thicker hair. I will have to see what my hairdresser says on my next appointment as I told her about the product when I started it.

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Hi Nanaimo – I didn’t notice and skin problems and I’m definitely prone to breakouts. Keep me posted!

    • jess

      I gained weight too and I work out and maintained thepill. weight for yrs. The only change was this hair pill.

  • JustAddWaterSilly

    Hi Kristina,
    I’ve been on Viviscal for over three years and it’s saved my hair. Over three years ago I had some serious health issues that had my hair falling out somewhat. I then added serious bleeding issues to the mix and to stop that problem was put on a medication that exacerbated the hair loss. I was seriously going bald in patches. I found Viviscal and have taken it diligently since. It took at least six months to see any major growth and changes in my hair but now I’m thrilled to say my hair is back to being thick and healthy, healthier than it’s ever been. I was always known for having lots of fine hair and now it’s back to normal. I’m 45 years old by the way. I can’t believe it worked, I’ve never found a cosmetic product that actually DID what it claimed. I’m still on the medication so I’m still on the Viviscal. As long as I keep taking it the meds don’t win out on trying to thin my hair, the viviscal wins. I’ve found that if I start taking only one pill a day, within about three months my hair starts to fall out more often, I see more strands in the brush. I actually get my Viviscal from the shopping channel, they have a deal that gets it delivered every 3 months for a reasonable price. It is more expensive in the grocery stores and pharmacies. Good luck, I hope this testimonial helps you know that it DOES actually work as long as you have patience to wait to see the results.

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Thanks for your feedback, I’m still taking them too!

  • jess

    I was looking forward to this product because my hair is slow to grow. All I want is long hair but I don’t want an extra 5 pounds. A week after taking it I gained 5 pounds. I’ve been 130 pounds for 5 yrs…all of a sudden I was 135. I’d rather be thinner with med length hair then heavier with longer hair. Plus it’s expensive. ..I have 2 unused packs because I’m afraid to gain more weight.

  • Linda Belle

    I just thought I would give you an update on my experiences with Viviscal. I posted my thoughts here 10 months ago after I had been on the product for 3 months and here is an update for the 13 month mark….I am happy with the results to my hair but have decided to stop it due to the side effects I have experienced with weight gain. I have gained over 10 pounds since I started the product with no medical reason to do so (I checked with the doctor as I thought the increased weight might be a medical reasons???). I had my blood work checked and everything is perfect. My healthy eating habits have not changed nor has my activity level decreased (reformer Pilates spinning, yoga, and walks) so I can only conclude that it was the Viviscal. This was my personal experience, and everyone is different, but I am tossing my remaining tablets as it is just not worth it to me…

  • nico

    hey Kristina, are you still using Viviscal? I am thinking about trying it, and have been doing tons of research, and people’s reactions to it are so polar! I would love to know how your results are over a year of use, if you are still using it. If you are not, I’d love to know why you stopped! thanks