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Tuesday, 7 January 2014 | Tags: , , , , ,

Let’s face it. TV wardrobe aside, I really don’t need anything new to wear for the next 10 years. So in 2014, I’m focusing on spending less money (one of the top five resolutions according to every poll imaginable), paring down my wants and only buying things I truly love. And I’m going to try my best to wait for things to go on sale. I recently discovered a handy app that helps me do just that.

Hukkster is free shopping tool that lives as a button on your browser.  Download it and when you see something you like, click on the hukk button and it saves it to your list.  As soon as that product goes on sale by at least 25%, you get an email alert, text or push notification.  (There is also an app for iPhones and iPads.)  

Founded in 2012 by two young women who knew retail but not coding, it’s one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas.  (In the beginning they actually scoured the web for deals and manually sent out sale alerts.)

Today, Hukkster is aligned with over 500 stores, including some of the big name retailers like Nordstroms, the Gap, Amazon, J. Crew, Banana Republic, Restoration Hardware, Sears, Nike, Aritizia and Lululemon, to name just a few.

In addition to saving money, the app also helps with the 7-day rule.  (To avoid impulse buys, wait 7 days. If you still can’t stop thinking about it, go get it.)  A few times now I’ve received a hukkster alert and thought, nah, even on sale, I don’t really want it any more.

But I did just get a great deal on this Current Elliot studded sweatshirt. 


Even with shipping and duty, it was half the price of what I would have paid if I’d bought it last month when I saw it at a local store.

And yes, I love it. 

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