What to write?

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It’s Friday and the blank page and I are having a staring contest. What to write for next week’s blog? Sometimes an idea has been percolating all week and the thing writes itself. Other days, I wrack my brain, trying to come up with something interesting, informative or at the very least, entertaining...

A recent study found that online readers are drawn to positive and uplifting stories, as opposed to negative ones.

Frankly, I’m surprised. In real life, the juicy gossip or the blow-out fight always gets more play than any romantic date night tale. Is it because “bad” makes us feel better about ourselves, while “everything’s good” is just a bit boring?

When I analyze the reaction to my own blogs (based on likes and feedback on the site, Facebook and Twitter), I find that two types of blogs get the most notice. The first are what I call “rants”: blogs about things that bother me or that I’d like to see improved. The second is personal stories, usually where something more private is revealed.

In the first category, my tirade against tights worn as pants (a rant-type blog) got 343 likes, many shares, and a lot of comments. On the other hand, my recent list of favourite kitchen gadgets (call this an information-based blog) got very little response.

My admission that I’m an introvert in an extroverted profession got a very positive response. (Thanks fellow innies!) Meanwhile my Portland travel guide – much less personal in nature – only got a sprinkling of interest. (Though my mom would argue it was a highly personal blog, and she still hasn’t forgiven me for posting her picture. But she looks so cute!)

I myself like to surf the web for news, celebrity gossip, fashion, cute animal videos, and humorous op-ed pieces. But my question to you, dear readers, is this: what do you like to read on our site? What do you want to see more of?

1: Personal stories or revelations (a la, “Ladies, do we drink too much?)
2. Rants
3. Product information and reviews
4. Travelogues and trip reviews
5. Cultural reviews, on books, movies and TV shows, etc.
6. Fashion and Beauty articles
7. Recipes and food related stories
8. Health and fitness information and reviews

Looking forward to hearing from you!



Top photo: spaceamoeba/flickr

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  • mike simpson

    One through Eight Please !
    I would comment more to your “Blogs” but I mostly agree with you .
    Maybe your missing that . And on my part I tend to feel Creepy .
    Kind of new to this internet stuff , And a guy at work told me , “Say the wrong thing and SWAT’s at your door !”
    But you guy’s do respond !
    Write about the responses you get from us .

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks Mike!

  • Tim Edwards

    I’d say write what you want. Don’t worry about likes and thumbs up. I like to read both of your writing. Some more then others but I still read them. We’re all different and some stories mean more to me and some connect with other people more. Just write from your heart. 😉

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks Tim!

  • Tracy Dawn

    Hi Kristina, having had a blog I know it can be hard. Like ‘hey is this thing on’ kinda hard. I loved the favorite kitchen gadgets article, but maybe I didn’t comment. My bad. Please know that I believe there are many like me who loved reading whatever you ladies write, even if we don’t always remember to comment. Having said that, I enjoy learning any tips & tricks you have to offer. Whether it be about cooking, beauty, health, travel, whatever. Things like favourites of the month, something you learned that others might not know, best thing you ate this month, best movie you saw, latest obsession. I think those of us that come to your blog just enjoy the both of you….so be you & I’m sure it will be great. Signed, hopefully a not too gushing, non preachy, offer of advice & support 😉

    • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

      Thanks Tracy, that is helpful!

  • Donna

    Funny you said you got little play on your Portland article – I just went to Portland and printed it out to take along with me to try some of the restaurants/stores you mentioned AND, I have on my wish list on Amazon the kitchen gadgets you and Anna have recommended…if I have to pick what I like reading about it would be #’s 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 (in no particular order) 🙂

  • Eugen

    I visit infrequently and in that regard I focus on any cookbooks you may have reviewed, or gadgets. I also enjoy your travelogues. They can be quite entertaining.

    Of course, I only hit the first page when I visit. So something has to catch my fancy. Like this post’s title. “What to write?” A most excellent question in general. What to write, indeed.

    If I had to offer my advice — which is free, and worth as much — I’d say just write what tickles your fancy. You should write for yourself. If it engages someone else, so much the better. But I don’t think you should agonize so as to pander to a crowd. Crowd’s are fickle, after all. Stick to your true self. It’s one of the reasons I enjoy your shows and reading posts on the site. Because they’re honest.

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks Eugen!