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Tuesday, 16 September 2014 | Tags: , , , ,

I'm seeing a new trend, one that has me scratching my head. Young women have taken to tattooing their legs. And I don't mean one of those wee dolphin tattoo on their ankle. I mean massive wrap-around-their-thighs tats or ones snaking up their entire legs.

I know I’m getting old and likely more conservative but seriously!?  Why there??

I don’t think it’s wrong to “mutilate” your body.  I have a tattoo myself, one I got in my late 20s. And no, I don’t regret it.  Mine’s small and not all that visible, residing quietly on the small of my back.  I often forget its there.

It’s the Chinese character for bravery, something I felt I needed more of.  For a long time I wanted another one – symbolizing wisdom – because god knows, I need more of that too.

Okay, it’s no sleeve but I get tattoos, I really do.  But these young women with the leg thingies…


Image: Tattoo Love

I couldn’t commit to a hair colour at that age, let alone to such a huge (relatively) permanent statement.   And fine, it’s your body and I truly don’t care what you do with it.  I’m just wondering, why? And have they really thought this through?

It’s their top half that surprises me. Many of these women look about as alternative as librarians. (No disrespect, Dad.)  Is it a “pant-wearing dental hygenist by day and a tat-toting wild child at night” kind of thing?

Maybe they think when they tire of it, they’ll just get it removed. A friend of mine is going through that long, painful and expensive process.  And he just has a small tattoo on his forearm.  Apparently it’s way worse that getting the tattoo in the first place.

Back… arms… I kind of get.  But the legs? What if, say, just maybe, you don’t want the tattoos to be seen? Opaque tights and pants it is, I guess.  (The guys definitely have it easier that way.)  But let’s fast forward 40 years and you’re on the beach with your droopy boobs and saggy ass.  Not so pretty.

And then it dawns on me.  They know something I don’t.  It’s the perfect for disguise dimples and cellulite!

Hmmm… Gastown Tattoo?  Can you fit me in tomorrow at 5:15?

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  • cdngrrl

    I have a full leg sleeve and I love it. I’m 43 and it’s bright and colorful and covered the spider veins in my thigh. It’s all flowers and I know that I will love it even when I’m older and grayer. As for the beach – I’m not a fan now so I don’t think there will be any shame later.

  • Petrina

    I guess it all depends on how you see beauty? Tattooing is personal. It’s like a passport to your soul. To me, it’s about teaming up with the right artist to do a quality job than it is the size or location. We all do it for varying reasons. I guess I thought judging a book by its cover was somewhat passé? I would never look at it for a bandaid of aging, rather a story worth telling when we are brave, older and wiser.

  • A Council

    looking for a top notch tattoo parlour in Vancouver. suggestions?