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A stylish woman is not one dressed in designer clothing head-to-toe. One true test of style is being able to mix inexpensive pieces with pricier items, with no one being the wiser. Except that most of us are dying to boast about our frugal finds to friends.

Today the selection of fashions at every price point is mind-boggling.  I try to stay away from throwaway fashion, meaning things that I’ll keep for just one season.  Even if the item is inexpensive, it needs to be well made as I want it to last. It can take time to find the well-priced, quality and stylish deals. But here’s my road map to navigating the “High Street” or chain stores.


This is a good place to check for knock off designer shoes. I got sparkly gold slippers shoes for $30 a couple of years ago and they’re still going strong. When it comes to shoes, I choose real leather over faux as it breathes, wears better and often looks better too. This season I like Aldo’s rag and bone inspired bootie, selling for 1/3 of the price of the “real” thing. 26_salazie_37_6 H&M

One of my favourite things about H&M is the limited edition collaborations with designers Jimmy Choo and Lanvin.  I find these collections of a higher quality than some of the other merchandise.  You may very well see me lined up for the Isabel Marant collection coming out this month.  I could tell you what day, but then I’d have to trample you to the front door. (Okay fine, it’s Nov 14) Isabel J Crew

This chain has a real range of price points. I love them for their t-shirts, sweaters and costume jewelery.  J Crew isn’t cheap, but check their website often.  They continually offer discounts on regularly priced goods, both online and in-store.  Almost everything was 25% off last month.  I nabbed this wool Tippi sweater in ivory for $65. 46725_NA6434 Old Navy

The perfect tank is just that, perfect.  And so many colours to choose from.  I just added two more to my collection for $14. For both! At that price, how can you not? I also love Old Navy’s tights.  They have a good opacity and you can’t beat the price of $8.95.  This summer, I bought what ended up being a favourite bikini for just $24. You need to pick through things, but there are quality deals to be had. IMG-20131104-00017


I’m obsessed with Zara lately.  This worldwide chain is right on trend, often imitating just released designer styles in record time.  I bought a faux leather biker jacket this fall for $120 (I get compliments on it every time I wear it) and great distressed skinny jeans for $79. Take that J Brand!  Their shoes are also great. These sandals were $60. IMG-20131104-00012    

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