Women’s Golf Clothes

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dress codes at many golf clubs are very strict, but it doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. There are many stylish options for the fashionable lady-golfer. We suit up in some outfits to see which are the most functional, fashionable, and fitting.

The Basics

  • The advantage to purchasing clothing manufactured specifically for golf is that it’s been designed with the etiquette of the sport in mind.

  • Don’t feel compelled to buy an entire matching outfit. Mix and match various components for more versatility and multiple outfits.

  • Splurge on a good waterproof and windproof jacket to keep you warm and dry on those rainy days. A truly waterproof jacket is also seam-sealed, which means zippers and other seams are drip-free.

  • Well-thought out golf clothing has plenty of pockets to stow the little items that go along with the game, like pencils, tees, and scorecards.

  • With all the movement of the golf swing, clothing must stretch. Look for garments with spandex or similar stretchy materials that move with you.

  • Even though some dress codes can be strict, general sportswear may also be fine. It’s worth finding out about specific dress codes before you arrive at the course. For example:

    • Jeans are almost always a no-no.

    • Typically, shorts and skirts need to be no more than 3 to 4 inches above the knee.

    • No tank tops, halter tops, cropped tops or bikini tops.

    • A collared shirt is a common requirement. Many also require sleeves.

    • Some courses even have rules as to how high your socks need to come up your leg.


We always want to be the most fashionably fab on the course, so we tried out these four outfits in search of the most functional, fitting, and stylish:


  • Nike long sleeve polo shirt with dry weave: $100
  • Ashworth cotton/spandex shirt: $89
  • Tehama 100% cotton polo shirt: $100
  • Jessica Sport (not golf-specific): $35


  • Nike cotton/poly pants: $90
  • Ashworth polyester pants: $120
  • Tehama 100% synthetic microfiber pants: $140
  • Jessica Sport (not golf-specific): $60

Wear Test: Shirts

  • 75% of our testers played the best in the Ashworth shirt. It fit great and moved with your swing.

  • Others were fans of the wicking qualities and easy care of the Nike shirt.

Wear Test: Pants

  • Some liked the lightweight Ashworth slacks with their well-positioned pockets.

  • Others preferred the Nike pants: their cotton stretch blend made them really comfortable and deeper pockets held lots.

  • The reasonable price of the Jessica Sport clothing didn’t make up for its lack of function.

Style Test

  • The Tehama clothing was definitely classy, but a little too old fashioned for our testers’ tastes. Mature players who like traditional dress may prefer this brand to the rest.


For the fashion-forward golfer, there are endless options for fun and trendy yet functional pieces. The Ashworth line came out with the most votes in our on-course tests.


   Thanks to Our Experts

  • Linda Hipp, golf wear designer
  • Sandra Post, golf pro
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