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A great source for some of your daily dairy intake, yogurt is a flavourful treat that also has some extra health benefits, which vary depending on fat content, texture and flavours added.

The Basics

  • Many people think yogurt is diet-friendly. While it can be healthy, watch out for high fat content. Yogurt ranges from zero fat to over 8% milk fat. (Coffee cream (half and half) has 10% milk fat!)

  • To cut down on sugar there are several yogurt choices that use artificial sweeteners (aspartame, Splenda etc.), though you may be compromising flavour and aftertaste.

  • Probiotic is a label for beneficial bacteria used in yogurt to promote good internal health, digestion and regularity. Look for “Pro-Biotic” or “contains live cultures” on the label

Be Aware

  • While pure yogurt is definitely a healthy choice, don’t choose one overloaded with sugar; kid-oriented yogurt and flavoured yogurts can contain a lot of sugar, so read the label.

  • Avoid yogurts that contain pectin and gelatins (thickeners) since the body has trouble digesting these types of extra ingredients.


We put these five non-fat vanilla yogurts through a taste test, and also tried out Activia’s 14-day challenge in which they claim their product makes you more regular.

  • Danone Activia (probiotic): $4.12 per 750g
  • Yoplait Source (sweetened with Splenda): $4.60 per 750g
  • Olympic Organic: $4.28 per 750g
  • Danone Silhouette (sweetened with Splenda): $3.69 per 750g
  • President’s Choice: $2.50 per 750g

Activia 14-day Test

With the help of some yogurt enthusiasts, we were divided right off the bat.

  • Half of us saw no noticeable difference.

  • The other half found that the probiotic yogurt got things moving in a tasty, healthy way.

Taste Test

  • We immediately eliminated the fake, chemical sweetness of the two artificially sweetened yogurts.

  • President’s Choice ended up being first choice with us all; it had a nice texture and a perfect vanilla flavour.

  • Activia got full points for creamy, smooth and great flavour.


The President’s Choice brand was the top winner, with Activia coming a close second.

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