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I'm not one who goes for a traditional facial at the spa. I generally consider them overpriced for what you get and I'd rather save my money for a couple of annual laser treatments, where I actually see lasting improvement on my skin. But after I was asked to be a guinea pig for a procedure called Hydrafacial MD, I'm reconsidering my position.

The Hydrafacial MD is a multi-step facial treatment, that promises to cleanse, exfoliate and extract (dead skin and dirt) while replenishing the skin with hyaluronic acids, peptides and antioxidants. The first part of that claim I buy and it seems straightforward enough. I even got to see the dead skin bits that had been gently sucked off my skin. (Not a pleasant sight.) It’s the second part of that promise that is the type of claim that typically loses me when it comes to skin care.

I’ve always believed (and been told by dermatologists) that beyond the basics of sunscreen, moisturizer, vitamin C and retinol there is only so much one should expect from topical treatments and products. That to make noticeable changes a deeper approach is required, which is where things like lasers come into play. And further, that genetics, sun exposure and lifestyle (i.e. diet and sleep) play a huge role in the way skin looks.

The Hydrafacial MD treatment claims to have a proprietary system that goes deeper, while still being totally non-invasive (I felt almost nothing).  So is it all a bunch of hooey? All I know is, after this facial and for the remainder of the day my skin looked dewy (not shiny), plump and was smoother then it has ever felt.

The sales pitch for the Hydrafacial MD recommends getting the treatment once a month for lasting results. I’m not sure I believe “lasting results” are really possible with this type of treatment and at around $200 (or more) per session, unless I win the lottery it isn’t something I would do every month. But whether regular visits are worth your money also depends on one’s specific skin care issues. And one thing’s for sure, the next time I’ve got an event I want to look my best for, I’ll be booking one of these facials. In my opinion it’s better bang for your buck then a mani-pedi.

The treatment is available at spas across Canada and the U.S.



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  • jess

    Hydra facials are my fav facials ever!!!