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I'm not talking about Prince Charming. I'm talking makeup! Drugstore makeup aisles can make shopping so difficult. Too few testers, too many closed packages... how's a girl to find the right shade? Now, there’s an app that makes custom product and colour suggestions, tailored just for you.

Plum Perfect is a free app that gives you suggestions on which brands and colours of makeup to buy. It’s makeup buying made uber easy.


Use your phone or ipad to take a picture of your makeup-free face. Make sure you have enough natural light on you or the app will recommend you take it again.  (Pulling this off in dreary November may be tough.)  And yes, it’s going to be super close up, see below. Eek!


Once you have an image you can live with – and one that you feel is a good representation of you and your colouring – the app will categorize key facial features.

As you can see above, most of my descriptions are bang on, though I’d say my hair is more medium than dark brown.  If you don’t think the app has depicted you accurately, you can also hit the refine button to make changes.  When you’re finished, hit done and save.


The app then gives you a list of recommended products to try for lips, eyes and face, including the exact shade that’s best for your skin tone.

It lists a variety of well-known brands at various price points, including Nars, Sephora, Lancome, L’Oreal, and Clinique to name a few.  Below you can see the recommendations I got for foundation.


One thing I do like is that the app doesn’t list too many options. Otherwise, you’d be at square one again, still unclear about what to choose.

Find a product you like? Tap on it and you’ll get a more detailed description of the item and it will take you to an online seller where you can make your purchase.

I have finally found my perfect shade of foundation. No easy feat.

Have a good app you’d like to share? Please share below!

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