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Lessons In Empathy

When something significant happens in my life, I go to any one of my three sisters to share, ask for advice or vent. The nature of the subject matter determines who I reach out to; like if I score a designer sweater on sale or I need to talk for hours (maybe days) about that person who wronged me, I go to the ever-patient fashion-loving Amy.  Then when I need a behavioural analysis that holds nothing back, its straight to the psycho analyst Lisa. — Read More —

A&K’s Email Bag

We've been getting hate mail. Seems our Grocery Bag re-runs are ticking off a few viewers! As we're seeing a few common themes I thought it efficient to address them here. The following are some examples of what we've been receiving along with my responses. — Read More —
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Skin, Hair, Dogs and other blog updates

I've had a few emails and questions via social media about a number of blog posts and the status of various products I was testing out. Here are some answers to your most FAQs. — Read More —

She’s Leaving Home (Bye Bye)

Parents everywhere are counting the days until school resumes. I know many in this situation: Summer camp is over and kids are hanging around looking for things to do; needing to be fed, driven places and entertained. For some, the dog days of summer mean everyone might be a bit sick of each other. Don't feel guilty if you're in this boat. You're in good company and wanting your time back doesn't necessarily make you bad at your parental job. — Read More —

The Dickie and Other Fall Fashion Flops

As all of my friends know (as do the folks at Visa), I love clothes. BIGTIME love. Others who share the passion (or disease depending on how you look at it) know of what I speak. I covet quality and beautiful fabric. I like to be well put together and I appreciate it when others make a similar effort. Unfortunately I'm not sure I'll be doing much shopping come fall. — Read More —

The Meaning of Silence

Did I get the job? Does he want to see me again? Whether it’s a contract, an audition or a prospective date, waiting to hear back about something can be excruciating. — Read More —

The Art of Good Guesting

In my books, cottaging is a part of what defines a great Canadian summer. That is, the practice of traveling to ones own or a friend or family member’s remote(ish) cottage (or “cabin” as it is called in the west), preferably near a body of water for the purposes of relaxation and enjoyment of each other and the great outdoors — Read More —

Time to Kill….in (sweltering) NYC

A recent getaway to NYC was an opportunity to update my list of must-dos for the Big Apple. It is a list that I am constantly curating and since so many New Yorkers leave the city to beat the sweltering heat, the summer is a good time to return to continue my ongoing research. If you plan on heading there any time soon, read on for a few dos (and one don't.) — Read More —

Sicily in Pictures

Sicily - Italy's largest island (and the biggest one in the Mediterranean) is rich in history, mafia lore, stunning vistas, beaches and cliff-top towns. Better than telling you about it, here's a look at my week there, in pictures. — Read More —

Time to Kill….in Calgary

Calgary is not usually top of mind when I think of the great cities of the world; places rich in history, art, food and other exciting ways to spend a couple of days. But a recent visit revealed that, in spite of that depressing oil situation, (Or maybe because of it?) Calgary is finding a new groove. — Read More —


Finger Licking Goodness: Overcoming Your Fear of the Deep Fry

When it comes to my diet, I live by the 80/20 rule. That is, I try to make healthy choices 80 percent of the time. With the remaining 20 percent I allow myself to be free to eat (and drink) whatever I want. And that works well for my new cooking obsession: deep frying. — Read More —