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Three more crime dramas to watch on Netflix

As another self admitted Netflix junkie, I thought I would add to Kristina's excellent list from earlier this week. Crime shows are my favourite genre - the darker and more sick and twisted the better. — Read More —

Five Crime Dramas to Watch On Netflix

What is it about Northern Europeans and their ability to create dark, gripping "Nordic Noir" crime dramas? Here are five of my latest favourites (and some are just new to me) in alphabetical order. — Read More —


Soup kitchen

Summer's over and it's the season of soups, stews and comfort food. It could be worse - who doesn't love soup?! — Read More —


Your condiment cupboard

Anytime I get to spend time with a professional chef, I am shameless about seeking free advice on technique, flavour combinations or tools that will make my life in the kitchen more successful. And if there is one secret I have uncovered from poking my head behind the scenes in professional kitchens, it's that having a supply of flavour boosting condiments on hand will make all the difference in your meals. — Read More —


Anna’s Test Kitchen – Chicken Milanese deconstructed

I'm always looking for new ways to cook chicken. While a simple, whole roasted bird is my preferred method, part of what's fantastic about poultry is its versatility. I was curious when I came across a recipe in Bon Appetit and now I just have to share. It's a variation of an old favourite and it is seriously addictive. — Read More —

Where to Eat in Las Vegas

From Boulud, to Ramsey, to Bastianich, world-renowned chefs have been flocking to Vegas, turning Sin City into a culinary mecca. I just spent a few days there and I ate. How I ate! — Read More —


Your guide to cooking oils

Last week's post about olive oil got me thinking about all the other kinds of cooking oils in my cupboard and how to use them best. Because there is no one type of oil for all cooking and baking. Unsure of when to use palm oil over peanut? Read on. — Read More —
CP1495 Fresh olives in extra virgin olive oil


Nectar of the gods (olive oil 101)

Reader Donna Gibson wrote last week asking for guidance on buying olive oil. It's a subject I've written about before and one we covered a few times on various Anna & Kristina shows. But in recent years olive oil has been revealed to be an industry riddled with imposters, misleading labeling and confusion. So here's a refresher on how to choose a good one and how to use it properly in your cooking. — Read More —


Peach Bounty

Those who regularly visit this blog know I've been obsessed with making pies lately. Peach pie in particular. This year's peach crop across the continent may be the best ever and I just can't get enough. But a girl can't (or shouldn't) live on pie alone. So I've been working on a few other peach centred dishes to help round out the day.  — Read More —

10 Things to Know About Croatia

Croatia has exploded as one of the top summer travel destinations in Europe. I'm not surprised. It's stunningly beautiful and still relatively affordable. I've been there for the past nine years straight (plus, I was born there). — Read More —

Cottage life

As I travel to and fro this summer, I am feeling beyond spoiled to have friends and family with cottages, cabins and gorgeous getaways on the shores of various lakes and oceans across this great country. — Read More —