Kristina Matisic

Born in Croatia, Kristina Matisic’s family immigrated to Canada when she was one year old. If there is anything growing up in a strong Croatian household has taught her, it’s “a full belly leads to a warm belly, which leads to a warm heart and home”. Translation: EAT WELL!

A west coast girl through and through, Kristina started off as a  reporter and news anchor in the mid-90′s before teaming up with Anna and taking the world by storm. For the last four years on Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag, she has learned three very important lessons: making dough is never easy,  a ruler is more important in the kitchen than you might think,  and don’t be afraid to start a recipe over.

Although Kristina enjoys baking, her true passions are traveling and her dog Ruby. Plus, she’s always redecorating at least one room in her house. A huge fan of mystery novels, Parks+Recreation, and chocolate for breakfast, Kristina is very serious about one thing: new beginnings. She strongly believes that change is a good thing…and that no one should ever settle.

 A few of Kristina’s favorite things:
* City: Rome. I love the food, the fashion and the energy. 
* Best piece of clothing in my closet:  Nude Jimmy Choo pointy toe pumps. They go with everything. 
* Cause close to my heart:  SPCA 
* Desert island meal:  Pizza, chardonnay and soft ice cream
* Would like to have dinner with: JK Rowling
* Doesn’t like:  People who eat with their mouths open 
* Go-to cookbook:  Joy of Cooking.  I also love
* Place:  Baska, Croatia. A seaside town I try to get to as often as possible. 
* Book:  So so many.  But two of my all time favourites are Fall on Your Knees, by Anne Marie McDonald and Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides
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