An early birthday present

Saturday, 20 December 2008 | Tags: , , , ,

I received an early birthday present the other day: a puppy! I'm a huge animal person and I've had many cats, but I've always wanted a dog.

I saw this puppy over a month ago but decided against adopting her — my life was just too hectic. Then I went back this week and saw she was still there. Ruby, as she is now known, had to be rescued! It’s never the right time to do many things, but if you don’t bite the bullet occasionally, life will pass you by.

We’re not quite sure what mix Ruby is, but the vet thinks she’s likely a Yorkie crossed with a long-haired Daschund. She definitely has the face of a Yorkie, and the longish body of a Daschund. She’s four months old and 10 pounds now, but may get up to 20. She has a lot of eating to do.

And with eating comes you-know-what…

We’re working on the toilet training, but let’s just say I’m still running around the house with my bottle of carpet cleaner and a rag. For cleaning up carpet messes, pet-made or otherwise, I’m a big fan of Folex Instant Spot Remover. It’s non-toxic, so is safe to use around children and pets. Also, my fellow-dog owner friend gave me Nature’s Miracle Odour Remover, which she swears by for getting rid of unwanted smells.

Regardless, it may be time for some new carpeting in the spring, yet another thing I’ve been putting off!

Ruby 2009 003 Ruby 017





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