Do It Myself???

I just completed three DIY projects around my house. In the process, I was reduced to tears, but not the kind you may think. They were tears of joy at the pride of completing the work on my own!

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Well Furnished in Vancouver

Remember the days when there was no Pottery Barn, no Restoration Hardware, no Crate & Barrel and no West Elm? Where ever did we shop for furniture in Vancouver? (Ikea, I think.)

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Hi Ho Silver!

I’m no Downton Abbey housemaid but on occasion, I have been known to pick up a cloth and polish to keep my silver jewelry and chachkas sparkling and shiny.

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Holiday Musical Roundup

Can I help get you in the mood? The holiday mood, that is! Crack open the eggnog, cozy up by the gas fireplace and let this song list rip. Here are a few of my favourite holiday tunes.

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Together but Apart

Over 27% of Canadians live alone and I’m one of them. Not because I’m single, but because my boyfriend and I choose to live apart.

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An Ode to Blackberry

I am in mourning. I am a proud Canadian. Really, I am. We are, after all, the birthplace of Lululemon, Four Seasons hotels and Mark Carney. I wish Mr. Carney would develop a financial app, because I would buy it. If you’re ever fortunate enough to book a room at a Four Seasons hotel somewhere in the world, you can count on the finest of absolutely everything. And you know you’ve made it big when every celebrity, from Kim Kardashian to The First Lady, is wearing your yoga pants.

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Anna’s 5 must-have kitchen gadgets

When I’m cooking at home, these are the items I always have on hand. One of them I love so much, I’ve been known to take it with me on vacation!

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Kristina’s 5 must-have kitchen gadgets

We’ve tested so many kitchen products over the years, and we’re often asked about our must-haves. I head into the kitchen to show off my favourites:

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Our favourite product: September

We both love diving into a great book, and the portability and ease of the Kobo eReader just can’t be beat. Whether you’re travelling or headed to back to school, or even just curling up on the couch with a good story or magazine, you can carry a whole library in a device no bigger than a paperback!

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Our Favourite Product: June

Music lovers: tired of getting tangled up in headphone cords and power plugs? Untether your tunes! On your bike, at the beach, on the patio, or in any room, enjoy great sound quality with our favourite product this month…

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