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Doggy Treats for Posh Pups

Ballet dancer, model, stylist and fashion/design blogger. And now Kate Horsman is adding product line creator to her resume.

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Fab Find: Pillow Fight

*UPDATE: Special A&K discount has been extended for the month of September!*
If there is one thing we have learned to appreciate, it is that a splash of paint, a bit of lipstick, or a…

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It’s Getting CROW-ded Around Here!

I’m sitting in my backyard, trying to soak up a few rays, when my neighbour begins making the most god-awful squawking sounds. I go back inside the house, the squawking stops. Back in my lounge chair, it starts up all over again. He’s literally trying to drive me out of my own backyard.

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What Your Fridge Says About You

Whenever I’m in someone else’s kitchen I take the opportunity to snoop their refrigerator. It says a lot about the life they lead. Is it full of take-out containers of decaying chicken balls? That person doesn’t cook, entertain or have custody of children.

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My classical french omelette with herbs

How To … Almost Everything

The best part of YouTube is not the funny cat videos. Hard to believe, I know. But no, the best part of YouTube is that now we can all learn how to be experts in absolutely everything.

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Your Garden Awaits

If there is one thing I do not have it’s a green thumb. And that’s a shame because I do love a beautiful garden. Avid gardener or not, one of the fastest and most affordable ways to add visual appeal to your yard, doorway or deck is with planted flower pots. Here are 5 tips you need for designing your own:

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Do It Myself???

I just completed three DIY projects around my house. In the process, I was reduced to tears, but not the kind you may think. They were tears of joy at the pride of completing the work on my own!

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Well Furnished in Vancouver

Remember the days when there was no Pottery Barn, no Restoration Hardware, no Crate & Barrel and no West Elm? Where ever did we shop for furniture in Vancouver? (Ikea, I think.)

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Hi Ho Silver!

I’m no Downton Abbey housemaid but on occasion, I have been known to pick up a cloth and polish to keep my silver jewelry and chachkas sparkling and shiny.

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Holiday Musical Roundup

Can I help get you in the mood? The holiday mood, that is! Crack open the eggnog, cozy up by the gas fireplace and let this song list rip. Here are a few of my favourite holiday tunes.

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