Israel In Pictures

Now that I'm back from a week in Israel and (almost) recovered from the most severe jet lag of my life, I've had time to organize a few pictures. (It turns out one can accomplish a lot when awake from midnight onward.) Enjoy my album! — Read More —

A Shiksa Returns To Israel

Twenty years after my first visit, I have returned to Israel. In 1995 I was fresh out of journalism school and anxious to see the place I read so much about in the headlines. Then, as now, the reality is a far cry from what we see in the news. — Read More —

The New Starbucks

On a recent trip to Seattle I stumbled across the latest offering from that ubiquitous coffee chain that was born in this very city, Starbucks. If you find yourself looking for something to do while in The Emerald City and in need of a "coffee break", the Tasting Room is worth your time. And this from someone who doesn't drink much coffee. — Read More —

Your Best Halloween Costume

Halloween is just two weeks away! If you still haven't figured out your costume (because you are dressing up, right?) read on for some ideas and guidance for ensuring you're the scariest monster on the street. — Read More —
Gokyo 5 Scoundrels View 8-2 Everest Close Up

Everest – The Movie, The Book

I am not the outdoorsy type. I’ll hike on occasion, but you’ll rarely find me camping, let alone mountaineering or mountain climbing. And yet, I’ve always been captivated by Everest. — Read More —

The Summer That Was

Another summer has come and gone. Next week on September 23rd, the season officially fades to fall. It was a memorable one for me. There was cottage time, endless sunshine and not enough rain. There were road trips, plane trips and a few good parties. I mastered the charcoal grill, named the Aperol Spritz my summer drink, ran an 8km race, ran a half marathon and went on hike after hike after hike. I saw live music, threw the ball with Lola the dog, played in the sprinkler with my nieces and turned lemons into lemonade. Here is my summer in pics... — Read More —

My Lucky Underpants

I was in the changing room at Zara trying to squeeze into clothes made for women half my age when a potentially embarrassing situation nearly took me down. — Read More —
Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 9.27.12 AM

Down In Front! Rock Concert Etiquette

This was the view from my second row seat at the Dave Matthews Band concert this week in Vancouver. You would think that with such excellent positioning I'd be able to catch more than just a glimpse of Dave himself. Instead I got a different kind of show. And sadly, these two just didn't do it for me. — Read More —

A&K’s Email Bag

We've been getting hate mail. Seems our Grocery Bag re-runs are ticking off a few viewers! As we're seeing a few common themes I thought it efficient to address them here. The following are some examples of what we've been receiving along with my responses. — Read More —

The Art of Good Guesting

In my books, cottaging is a part of what defines a great Canadian summer. That is, the practice of traveling to ones own or a friend or family member’s remote(ish) cottage (or “cabin” as it is called in the west), preferably near a body of water for the purposes of relaxation and enjoyment of each other and the great outdoors — Read More —