What To Buy Now

It can be most frustrating time to shop. The sun’s ablazing but fall merchandise is already taking over the shelves. Who’s ready to go there yet? Not me!

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Old School Kicks

I’m kicking off my stilettoed sandals and embracing footwear that doesn’t wear me out. It’s the summer of the sneaker and I couldn’t be happier.

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How to Get Dream Skin (temporarily)

I am a self confessed product junkie. In the olden days of my youth (the eighties) it was the quest to find the perfect shade of lilac for my nails, lips or lashes (I had a phase, I’ll admit). But as I age it’s less about makeup and more about skin.

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Accessorize This!

I love accessories. A hat, scarf, sunglasses, bangles, an ear cuff and I’m a sucker for a good belt – not all at the same time of course. When done well, accessories can cement your getup as solidly fashionable. The right bauble takes you from a plain Betty to a pulled together, sophisticated and maybe even a little glamorous Veronica. So I am currently loving the accessory for the ages: The iPhone case.

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Time to Get Beach Ready!

Sunshine, heat, ice cream and beach time – YAY! Shorts, skirts, bare legs and bathing suits – BOOH! Ladies (and some gents) may know what I’m talking about. I call it shed dread.

But when I saw that Jergens was coming out with a BB cream for the body, I literally stalked the local drugstore waiting for it to come out.

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Banishing Grey Days

I get my hair coloured every three to four weeks. Talk about high maintenance. The reason is that it needs to be this exact perfect shade of golden brown at all times. No, that’s not true. Sigh. Okay, fine. It’s because… because… I’m going quite grey!

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Soothing Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s an extremely common problem, affecting millions of people.

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What to Wear on Camera

Selfies, social media, YouTube and iPhone videos… who isn’t on camera these days? Whether these appearances are for work or for play, in still shots or on video, we all want to look our best. Here are some dos and don’ts for what to wear on camera – lessons learned the hard way.

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The Man Repellant List

My fashion loving friends and I spend no small amount of time talking about the intricacies of the latest fashions.

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Think Pink

My version of “Are we there yet?” is “Is it Spring yet?” While we’ve been very fortunate on the West Coast this winter, I’m still eager to shed the wool coats, heavy sweaters and boots in favour of lighter, flirtier fashion.

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