Bye bye blue jeans

Friday, 7 June 2013

For as long as I can remember caring about fashion (and that's a long time), I've turned to blue jeans as the foundation of just about any great outfit. Fancy or casual, the right jeans could take me anywhere a dress couldn't. I've owned dark wash, faded, acid wash, boyfriend, skinny, high-waist, low-waist, bell bottoms, boot cut, and cigarette leg. It helped that denim blue is my favourite colour. There was a time I probably had 20 pair in my closet. Now? All but a couple are in storage.

That’s because the universe of jeans has exploded into a rainbow of colours and patterns. It actually happened a couple of years ago, but like the low waist, this trend is here to stay for a while. And it’s taken over my closet.  

Coloured jeans are fun; a blast of colour at any time of year will always put a spring in your step. They’re also easy, because all you have to do is pair them with a neutral-coloured T, short fitted blazer, maybe a scarf and a pair of flats or wedges at this time of year. All or a combination of that, and you’re good to go.  In the colder months a chunky sweater in a neutral tone (taupe, charcoal, black or tan) and a pair of motorcycle boots is perfect.

The coloured jean is also an inexpensive trend in which to partake.  Every single clothier is making its own version. In the spring I got a pair of lavender jeans from the JCrew sale rack for $24.99.  I’ve already worn them to death.

No matter what your body type, a slim cut will look best.  With bright colours and patterns, you don’t want too much fabric. What you pair with them will depend on your specific shape. This trend also allows for more individuality, since we’ll all find our own ways to finish an outfit that starts with lime green jeans.  

And it’s not just jeans that are seeing new hues, but dress pants too.  I recently wore a pair of bright red slacks with gold pumps and a tux jacket to a dress-up affair.  I felt strong, unique and confident in a sea of little black dresses.

The other trend in jeans that’s made a comeback is the distressed boyfriend jean.  They’re fine and all, but rolled up with heels and a little jacket has us all looking the same.  I hate that.  My boyfriend jeans are on gardening duty.

But the thing about fashion is, at some point, what’s old is always new again.  Don’t throw out your tried and true blues.  Their time will return.  But for now, enjoy all the colour while it lasts!  

My favourite brands are JCrew, Zara, Paige Denim, and Michael Kors.  We’d love to know yours.

Oh, and don’t worry boys, this trend isn’t just for the ladies.  Same rules apply.

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  • LeilaniNY

    Great post – love the flame red pants in the photo. I can’t get enough of this color! Since jeans are generally a tough fit, I think it’s best to go with the brands that work best for you in the traditional denim version. I love A&G and J Brand though my favorite “color” right now is white jeans! So happy to wear them before the thought of denim anything seems unbearably hot.

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks for reading! And for sending your favourite jeans brands. You’re right – if you find a good fit with your body, stick with it! Kristina likes J Brand too. White jeans are perfect for the season!

  • Miriam

    Ooo – you have to try yoga jeans. They are so wonderful!!

    • annaandkristina

      Thanks, Miriam, will keep an eye out for them!

  • Erin

    I was in J Crew the other day and I found the same lavender ankle jeans on sale! I’m so happy I had seen this post! I’ve already worn them a number of times and I feel so effortlessly put together every time!

    Loft, by Ann Taylor is a gem I’ve just recently discovered. They have some great pieces and the sale prices are great!

    Thanks again for the great tip!

    • annaandkristina

      That’s great, Erin! Don’t you love them? Thanks for the tip too!