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Friday, 21 June 2013 | Tags: , , , , ,

Kristina and I are looking for a new theme song for a project we're working on. We could use your help!

A song with an indie-rock beat without being too poppy would be perfect.  

We love songs like Serena Ryder’s “What I Wouldn’t Do” and Black Keys “Lonely Boy”.  

And just to make the challenge even more daunting, we’d like it to come from an up and coming Canadian band (although that is not a must).  

Any suggestions please send them our way! Post your comments below, or email info@annaandkristina.com.



Top photo: avern/flickr

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  • Letty Fregoso Peña Blanchard

    I’ve really been getting into the latest album by Fitz & The Tantrums (More Than Just a Dream), which is very upbeat, and also MS MR (Secondhand Rapture), a little more on the mellow side. Favorites from the first one: The Walker, Spark, and Out of My League. Although I feel all of them are very good. From MS MR: Huricane, Bones, Head is Not My Home, No Trace. Sorry, I’m not familiar with any Canadian Indie bands. So there is my input!

  • Bianca

    Lights- Toes

    Lights- Siberia

    Coeur de Pirate- Everyday

    Coeur de Pirate- Comme des Enfants

    Coeur de Pirate- Ava

    Tegan and Sara- Closer

  • Connie

    Tim chaisson or David Myles.

  • Stephanie O’Hanley

    Motel Raphael are a terrific upcoming band from Montreal.

  • Beeramel

    If you want something punkier, Halifax’s Fat Stupids “Summertime” (note: band name in no way reflective on you)

  • Eden Fine Day

    Here’s one of my songs… might I not fit the bill?