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Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call

Focused on the realm of fashion and beauty, Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call offers tips each week covering the do's-and-don'ts, the what-to-look-for's, the how-to's, and the what-to-avoid's, both for men and for women.

Plus, each episode we make over a new closet-challenged candidate on a $500 budget. Sounds a bit meagre, but that's part of the challenge. (It's easy to make someone look good when money is no object!)

And it doesn’t stop there. We bring in experts to provide style tips and inside information, from "haute" designers like Carolina Herrera and Yigal Azrouel, to "couture" insiders like model Janice Dickinson and fashion reporter Melissa Rivers. 

And at the end of the show, all of the hard work we did on our makeover candidates is judged by an A-list fashionista, including the likes of Kim Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan, Lisa Tant, Editor-in-Chief of Flare Magazine, and fashion journalist Jeanne Beker.

Episode List

Season 1 (Open)

Episode 26
Debbie: stylish traveler
Adrenaline junkie Debbie is looking for a stylish outfit to take her on a trip to Spain. As frequent travelers ourselves, we accepted her fashion challenge. Piece of cake? Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is our guest judge.
Episode 25
Eileen: everyday sexy
Frumpy mom Eileen is looking for some style so she came to us for help. Can we dump her sweatshirt and sparkle headband and give her a practical yet everyday sexy look? Nick Verreos judges our efforts.
Episode 24
James: old school Vegas
Smokin' fireman James is headed to a stag in Las Vegas and wants to look classic Rat Pack. The challenge? He's got huge chest and bulging arm muscles! Can we squeeze him into a sleek suit a la Sinatra? We're sure going to try. Star stylist Lawrence Zarian judges our work.
Episode 23
Carol: country chic
Country girl Carol has a wardrobe of ill-fitting jeans, baggy denim, and hand-me-downs. With a concert coming up, she wants to surprise her husband with a sexy new look, and she came to us for help.
Episode 22
Lindsay: green and stylish
Queen of Green, Lindsay works at an environmental non-profit organization. She wants to dress more planet-friendly, and asked us to help her find an outfit for an upcoming event: Vancouver Eco-Fashion week. We find out that it definitely ain't easy being green!
Episode 21
Brenda: sophisticated mom
Our style stripes are put to the test as we try to transform leopard-spotted Brenda from seventies poster child into sophisticated mom for her daughter's upcoming graduation ceremony.
Episode 20
Tanya and Andrea: glamorous rehearsal dinner
Soon-to-be married Tanya and Andrea wanted to "wow" their family and friends looking chic and put-together at their rehearsal dinner. We take on the challenge of dressing this (almost) husband and wife.
Episode 19
Lorraine: Hip at 50
Lovely (and little) Lorraine is turning 50 and wants to celebrate in style! She asked us to help her put together a hot birthday look for her trip to New York City. Fashionista David Dixon judges our efforts.
Episode 18
Emily: polished professional
Fashion dilemma candidate Emily works at a university, so her wardrobe looks more student than professional. She asked us to help her put together a polished professional look for an upcoming conference. Model-turned-designer Monika Schnarre judges our efforts.
Episode 17
Taryn: après-ski style
Insurance executive Taryn wants a chic, age-appropriate look for her aprËs-ski activities with friends. No ski bunnies, no yoga gear, no PJs. It's time for Taryn stand out from the crowd, so we take her up on her style challenge.
Episode 16
Cheryl H: 40-year-old bride
Beauty Call viewer Cheryl H. came to us with her fashion dilemma: she needed help choosing a wedding dress to marry the man of her dreams. We upped our budget and our time line and took up the challenge to find Cheryl an elegant, age-appropriate dress for her big day.
Episode 15
Katrina: romantic date night
As a young mother of three kids under two years old, Katrina doesn't have much time for herself. And as a lovely plus-size woman, she says she has a hard time finding stylish clothes. We take up the challenge of putting together a romantic date night outfit for Katrina.
Episode 14
Jenn: age appropriate
43-year-old Jenn has a husband who's six years younger, and a co-worker who thinks she's 10 years older than she is. She's ready for a wardrobe shake-up and wants to look sexy again!
Episode 13
Cheryl K: flirty date night
Security guard Cheryl wears a man's white shirt and a man's black pants five days a week. For her 1-year anniversary, she asked us to help her find flirty outfit to celebrate.
Episode 12
Shannon: day into night
Software CEO Shannon's wardrobe is full of grey, brown, and boring black. She's come to the A&K Headquarters to see if we can get her out of her style rut and into a day-to-night outfit that will work in the boardroom and on a date.
Episode 11
Nikki & Connie: separate identities, funky vs. adventurous
Identical twins Nikki and Connie want to look fashion-forward, and completely different from each other. We try to match their distinct personalities, but is this double dilemma too much for us to handle?
Episode 10
Kathryn: sophisticated evening cocktail party
Fashion dilemma candidate Kathryn has an upcoming family reunion where she'll be seeing style-forward cousins from New York and London for the first time in 15 years. She called on us to help her find the perfect outfit for her family meet-up in Montreal.
Episode 9
Jesse: college campus hip
PhD student Jesse is stuck in a major wardrobe rut, and he's very particular about his clothes. Can we take him from sloppy tees and jeans to unique and chic?
Episode 8
Jennifer: beach babe
Time to think warm weather and sandy beaches! Our style candidate Jennifer wants a versatile tropical wardrobe for her Thailand vacation. We're talking bathing suits and bikinis here, one of the more difficult things to buy for yourself. Can we do it for someone else?
Episode 7
Kara: cheap chic
Makeover candidate Kara has high fashion taste but a book keeper's budget. For an upcoming vacation with some "friends with money", Kara has asked for our help in finding a fashion-forward vacation look.
Episode 6
Melissa: sexy pregnancy
Mom-to-be Melissa has been living in yoga clothes since her baby bump became too big for her regular wardrobe. Comfortable? Yes. Sexy? No way! As our first expectant candidate, she's going to be a challenge. But we're up for it!
Episode 5
Paul: funky date night
Web developer Paul's laid back work environment and his tall stature have dictated his too-casual wardrobe for years. He wants our help to get him out of his style rut and update his look for a night out with his wife. But he's 6'5" with size 15-16 shoes. Have we met our match?
Episode 4
Sandra: evening professional
Commercial real estate professional Sandra is six feet tall and all legs. Plus, with size 11 feet, she has trouble finding clothes and shoes that fit. She needs a professional evening outfit for a fundraising benefit. A tall order for us?
Episode 3
Stella: black-tie wedding
Personal trainer Stella is used to wearing sweats and workout wear, both at work and at home. When she got invited to a black tie wedding, she had nothing to wear and no idea where to start. That's where we stepped in...
Episode 2
Nicole: urban nightlife
Fashion dilemma candidate Nicole is a small-town school teacher who recently moved to the big city of Vancouver. Her typical style is casual jeans and t-shirts, but she wants to inject some cosmopolitan sophistication into a new look for a night on the town.
Episode 1
Tracey: relaxed professional
Our candidate for our first episode of Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call is Tracey, a film industry lawyer in her mid forties. She works in a creative and fairly casual environment, and wants to look polished for meetings but still be able to do her running around comfortably.


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