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Cheryl K: flirty date night

Season 1 Episode 13

Security guard Cheryl wears a man's white shirt and a man's black pants five days a week. For her 1-year anniversary, she asked us to help her find flirty outfit to celebrate.

   Our Style Mission

Cheryl has a closet full of uniforms and casual clothes, but nothing fun and flirty to wear for an important date night. We’re up for the challenge!

Our guest expert RozeMerie Cuevas, head designer at Jacqueline Conoir, had these tips for us for styling Cheryl:

  • Make sure the fabric of a dress drapes nicely over the body, and that it’s feminine.

  • Look for something that has a bit of a punch and flare for a flirty date look.

  • The worst thing to do is put her in a very short mini-skirt and tank top. Totally not age-appropriate.

   Our Look Book

 We headed out to the shops to find a dress to celebrate Cheryl’s womanliness. We quickly came across a figure-flattering dress, then dressed it up with accessories. For the foundation, we got her body-shaping undergarment (after doing our product test) to help lock and load Cheryl’s womanly curves.

Outfit details

  • Lilikoi “Maasa” dress (bamboo, cotton): $160 at Bodacious
  • Grey clutch: $30 at Aldo
  • Black chandelier earrings: $18 at Aldo
  • Black and silver bracelet: $25 at Aldo
  • Fergie “Turnpike” black heels: $150 at The Bay
  • Spanx “Slip suit” body shaper, $130 at The Bay

RozeMerie’s opinion

  • The shape of the dress is fantastic for her figure. She looks beautiful.

  • I would have gone a bit more punchy with the accessories. What’s really edgy is to wear maybe a grey dress, and then spice it up with a bright shoe, or a colourful purse, and a few other accessories, like a scarf.

  • I do really like the shoe. It’s very modern. 

  • Going with the Spanx all-in-one body suit to smooth out her silhouette is the perfect foundation.

      Did our style picks make the “Do List” or “Don’t List”? 

Cheryl enjoyed the whole experience and felt enlightened by our clothes and jewelry choices. She thought the look we chose for her definitely stepped beyond her normal wardrobe, but suited her style wonderfully.

Our style expert RozeMerie Cuevas thought we did very well on the dress, but the whole look had more of a “dinner with family” vibe than a date night with a significant other. She suggested we add more sparkle and colour with accessories to help make Cheryl the centre of attention on her special night. 

   Tips we learned from our experts:

  • Don’t be afraid of colour. We could have popped up Cheryl’s outfit with more stand-out, sparkly accessories. 

  • Shapewear undergarments are a great way to smooth out curves and create a sleek, hourglass silhouette.

   Other Show Segments

Please note: opinions expressed about fashion and beauty in this article are just that: our opinions. Feeling beautiful on the inside is what matters most, but we like to do what we can on the outside too.


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