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Stella: black-tie wedding

Season 1 Episode 3

Personal trainer Stella is used to wearing sweats and workout wear, both at work and at home. When she got invited to a black tie wedding, she had nothing to wear and no idea where to start. That's where we stepped in...

Our Style Mission

For Stella, our challenge is to dress her to attend a black-tie wedding, on a $500 budget!

Our guest expert is Kimberly Newport-Mimram, creative director, designer and president of Pink Tartan. She had these tips for us:

  • Finding a dress could be tricky because Stella is petite, which limits your options. The right proportion for her body is critical. A classic style is the way to go.

  • Stay away from big bold prints. Choose simple and elegant, and look forsome detail in the right places. In Stella’s case, it can be on her waist orshoulders, but not her hemline, which would emphasize her muscular calves.

Our Look Book

We knew we’d have a difficult time finding a formal dress, shoes, a purse, and jewelry on a $500 budget, so we headed to a formal attire rental shop.

We settled on a simple red dress with a large shoulder bow that provided an asymmetrical accent. Then we went over our budget a tiny bit to squeeze in shoes, a purse and jewelry.

  • Red asymmetric, one-shoulder dress by Ralph Lauren (retail: $3000) rented for $295 from Du Jour Boutique & Gallery
  • Blue patent evening clutch bag, $75 at Lord’s Shoes
  • Silver peep-toe heels, $130 at Lord’s Shoes
  • Diamante earrings, $45 at Lord’s Shoes


Expert opinion from Kimberly Newton-Mimram:

  • Stella has a really pretty smile. She feels comfortable and confident in this dress, and it shows. Renting a dress for a very fancy, one-time event is a great idea.

  • As for the accessories, it’s important not to be matchy-matchy. The clutch is a great contrast. The shoes are a good height for her since she’s probably not used to wearing heels.

  • The only thing I would have done differently is picked a warmer-toned shoe. The silver is a bit too cool for the warm red dress. (And your copper idea would have probably been a bad choice.) 

   Did our style picks make the “Do List” or “Don’t List”?

Stella loved the dress, and so did our expert Kimberly Newton-Mimram. We weren’t so sure about such a big bow on petite Stella, but Kimberly said it served as a focal point and gave her presence, bringing the focus to her face and smile. Though we went a little astray on the shoes, overall we had success.

   Tips we learned on this show:

  • Make sure your clothes fit properly. If they’re too tight, too big, or poorly constructed, you end up looking awkward rather than polished. (Kimberly Newport-Mimram)

  • Every woman should have a little black dress (or two) in a classic style to suit any occasion. Also, remember to look at it before the day of your event so that you have time to take it to a tailor if you’d like to give it an update. Pair it with a great set of pearls. They never go out of style. (Kimberly Newport-Mimram)

  • Don’t think in terms of trends – they come and go. If you want to buy something trendy, do it to update a wardrobe full of basic, classic pieces. (Designer Thuy Diep)

Please note: opinions expressed about fashion and beauty in this article are just that: our opinions. Feeling beautiful on the inside is what matters most.

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