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Kristina and I took a break from the Vancouver rain recently and turned a meeting in LA into an excuse for a full weekend in the sun, complete with other gal pals, shopping, chardonnay and pool time. Fun!

Of course we decided in advance which restaurants to hit and like many women who care about fashion, I put some thought into what to wear to the various hot spots, not to mention my shopping and pool outfits.  My wardrobe weaknesses are shoes and dresses and I spend more then I care to admit on both, so I don’t ever want to miss an opportunity to wear a favourite frock or sky high heels to a swish dinner.

After a day of serious shopping, we all raced back to our hotel to hit the showers.  There were blow dryers, flat, curling and clothing irons going all at once.  Eyelashes were groomed, outfits debated, make up applied and nails quickly painted before rushing out the door.  A serious effort was put in by all.  

And when seated at the five-star establishment where we were dining, I looked around at all the other women in the room who had clearly made a similar effort.  Nice work, ladies.  

And then my eyes wandered to the boys, I mean men, in the room.

There were sweatshirts everywhere.  Too-long pants sitting below the butt crack (really? are we still doing that?), scuffed sneakers, and yes, baseball caps.  Some even turned off-centre. (I have never understood this look.  To me it screams, “helloooo I’m a dumb dumb”.  Why would one want to advertise that?)  

Benicio del Toro was at the next table, big poofy hair sticking out from under a baseball cap.  He looked like an old man who really really doesn’t want to grow up.

And shopping along Robertson?  There’s a guy barking into his cell phone wearing a too-tight, soiled t-shirt and shuffling along in flip flops – no pedicure there – next to his perfectly put-together better half.  

Now, I know men’s fashion in LA is decidedly relaxed, but things have gone too far.  There is a difference between casually chic and sloth-like.  Buy a belt.  And an iron.  Wear clothes that fit.  Buy entire outfits at a time if thinking is too hard for you. Keep a collection of new white t-shirts.  

And take off that f-ing baseball hat!

If you plan on going shopping (and you should), remember that stripes and bold colours are in for spring, navy looks good on everyone, and you can never have too many nice socks.

We all want our fashion to look effortless.  But that takes a lot of work!  And if you insist on doing none, then you should pay for dinner; your honey probably spent all her money on shoes.  I know I did.

Tune in next week when K will fill you in on our California comings and goings.  We’ve got some hotel and restaurant recommendations you won’t want to miss!

Top photo: Lisa Kayaks/Flickr 




 Photo: Ray Sawhill/flickr

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  • Tim Edwards

    Darn now I feel underdress. Wearing a sweatshirt and jeans at work. At least I have a reason, my office is always cold. I think it might be time to go shopping for new clothes. Don’t wear baseball hats so that’s good. Don’t want Anna cursing me. lol

    • annaandkristina

      As long as your clothes fit properly, Tim, you’re fine. I’m all for jeans and a t-shirt on guys. Just not saggy, underwear-revealing jeans, or stained shirts.

      • Tim Edwards

        That’s good to know, I guess I’m ok then. Still need to get some new clothes to update my wardrobe. And thanks again for responding to me. I almost feel like were friends.

        • annaandkristina


          • Tim Edwards

            Maybe someday ill get to meet you two but of course not in a stalking way. Lol 😉

          • Tim Edwards

            Since we’re friends I have one more question. Is it true women do look at the shoes men wear? I need to know because its time for some new shoes. Thanks

          • annaandkristina

            Hi Tim, yes, we notice shoes. You can never go wrong with a good pair!

          • Tim Edwards

            Thanks again, you two are the best!! Looks like I need to get some new shoes.

  • GTA_John

    I think your rant, no matter how justified, is focused on the wrong people or, possibly, the wrong topic.

    As you said: there, in the restaurant with you, were these beautifully turned out women whose sense of fashion and flair made them look elegant, maybe even dazzling. And they were dining with, let’s be generous here, slobs, cretins and worse.

    So the question demands answering: why? Why would those women take all that time, make all that effort and yet still let themselves be seen in public with men whose idea of fashion was (at least, let’s hope so) clean underwear and a change of socks?

    And these men. Why, dressed as they were, would they choose to be seen that way in establishments like the restaurants you were frequenting?

    There’s a fascinating social dynamic going on here. (And there’s probably some grant money somewhere that would support further enquiries into the topic. )

  • Phil Rabin

    I see no problem with white tube socks and flip flops in public. Strong style choice.

  • nunnyabiz86

    Its just not LA, Vancouver has its fair share….my better half suffers with this issue on a daily basis. I get all dolled up for a dinner date and he throws on over priced baggy jeans and a tshirt, if I am lucky there are no naked ladies on it!