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Hot Spots & Intimate Favours

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It's time to shop for your Valentine. But we've all been missing the point on this gift giving occasion. This is not the time to buy him the latest best seller or her a new kitchen gadget. Unless, that is, a new juicer really gets those juices flowing...

Whatever you buy should be part of an overall effort to create romance and set the stage for intimacy and some good times between the sheets.  

So that might mean you pick yourself up some new lingerie and practice your strip tease, or it could mean making a reservation at that new hot spot she’s been wanting to go to, just to show you’ve been listening.  

If you’re looking for gift ideas that send the right message, here are a few suggestions that’ll help set the mood:


Money’s no object: Dolce & Gabbana gold-plated coin necklace.  $1900 (USD).  For the woman who is trendy, sexy, strong, Italian. 


We just started dating and I’m in serious like with you: Tiffany’s black onyx bracelet. $360.  What girl doesn’t love seeing a little blue bag with her name on it?



My lover’s a little kinky: Heart pastiesAgent Provacateur,  $90.  Requires a sense of humour.

My lover’s a class act: A silk and lace slip. I like Stella McCartney’s Clara Whispering Silk version.  $300.  Silk is never boring.




I thought this through: Sexy shoes.  Which pair can only be decided by you, but I like the Saint Laurent Tribute two suede patent pumps, $795, at Holt Renfrew. You’ll have to find out her size, which is sexy in and of itself.  Deliver them the day before with instructions on where she should be on Valentine’s Day and for her to wear the shoes.  Sexy shoes is a very sexy gift.  It screams confidence on the part of the giver.




My lover works too hard: A day at the spa.  Let us know what city you’re in and we’ll recommend a local spa.  A few suggestions:  


It’s the little things that count: L’Occitaine ultra-rich body creamicon. $48 at Sephoraicon.  This must come with a massage by you.

icon icon



My lover likes the finer things: Champagne. Charles Heidsieck Rose. $82.  Liquor stores.  If you’re good maybe she’ll share it with you.


My lover appreciates the experience: Make a special dinner!  This never fails.  Go the extra mile to set the mood with candles and music and don’t worry too much about getting the food exactly right.  It’s supposed to be about the journey.  Crack open some nice wine and get her involved in the cooking, making it something you do together.  There’s nothing worse then one person stuck in the kitchen when the other’s alone on the sofa.  Doing it together is sexy.  This gift is my personal favourite and it never hurts to combine it with something from above!



And whatever you do, don’t buy your Valentine Lululemon pants.  I love them for going to the gym, but when an old boyfriend gave me a pair for Valentine’s Day, to me it screamed: “Your butt’s too big! Go to the gym!”  So I went to the gym, but somehow on the way there, I lost his number.  

What about you?

What’s the worst present you ever received on February 14th? Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway! Use the comments below as inspiration what NOT to give your sweetheart this year. Happy Valentine’s Day!

 Congratulations to our winner Helen C.! She won an ILIA Make-up Gift Pack featuring four of our favourite products! 


L-R: Femme Fatale lipstick, These Days lipstick, Cheek to Cheek multi-stick, Polka Dots & Moonbeams multi-stick

 Retail value approximately $116 CAD. Enter by Friday, Feb. 8, 2013!



#VDayGiftFail: Brief Jerky Edible Underwear


Top main image used courtesy Marcus Jolly Photography

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  • Cyndy S

    Worst gift ever? A neck pillow bought in the Calgary airport. Thought he might follow up with a trip…didn’t happen.

  • Linda Creighton

    A loaf of bread and 5 beers. The sixth one was empty as he drank it before he brought it over.

  • Andrea

    Worst gift, box of chocolates from theloal pharmacy. No imagination.

  • Tamy

    An ironing board….yep, an ironing board -.- I had no words..

  • Ashley Salvador

    A sample of perfume. Not even a deluxe sample, it was a small tube thing.

  • Laura

    A gift card in a jewellery box.

  • Helen

    A scale…

  • Kathleen.

    Worst gift? Cinnamon gum & plastic flowers.

  • Jill

    Hi, my worst Valentine’s Day gift was a big fat nothing! My husband doesn’t think much of Valentine’s Day and having to give your significant other a gift to show them how you mean to them specifically on that day. I wouldn’t mind getting something special from him on any day for that matter. Hmmmmm….still waiting!

  • Brenda

    A frying pan!!

  • Susan

    I was dating a guy and we lived together in a small apartment. I came home to a giant bouquet of red roses on our kitchen table. My heart melted and I smiled as I smelled them. We didn’t have much money, so my boyfriend splurging on something like this meant a lot to me. Then I saw the note at the base of the vase. Scribbled on a scrap piece of paper was his writing: “No, these aren’t for you. They’re for the neighbour across the hall. She wasn’t home so the florist delivered them here. Can you deliver them when you have a chance?” I begrudgingly did.
    I got nothing. We eventually broke up.

  • erin squires

    A card written on a piece of loose-leaf paper. I mean, I’m all for home-made if there’s some heart behind it – but this was just awful.

  • Nicky Marie

    worst present i received was: nothing! not getting anything was a let down! 😉

  • Kharrissa Anderson

    The worst gift I’ve ever received was a canister vacuum cleaner!

  • Erin MacVicar

    I opened a very lovely jewelry box to reveal a Q Ray Ionized bracelet (and a heap of disappointment!). For the record, I was 29 (not 79).

  • disqus_TCHH6Qut94

    A workout DVD- practical but not exactly what I call romance

  • nunnyabiz82

    A card meant for a man and some scratch and wins!

  • Ei-Leen Ong

    Nothing. He forgot. I wasn’t impressed.

  • Shirley Welter

    A Carl Yastrzemski baseball card

  • Debbie Starkey

    i got a wheelbarrow!

  • Kate

    I once received a toaster 🙁

  • disqus_EhzTgtLTHY

    baseball hat

  • Zerina

    3 free hugs coupons. true love.

  • Andie

    Flowers… C.O.D… At the office. Yup. Ex-husband forgot his credit card, sent flowers anyway, figuring I would pay. Delivery guy could only take cash. Had to scrounge cash from coworkers to pay. Mortified!

  • Natareeee

    frozen yogurt. that i paid for, because he forgot his wallet.

  • Soph Yee

    Worse gift? How about no gift? Nothing. Nada. Not even a sweet handwritten note. Talk about #VDayGiftFail!

  • Ellana Tyles

    Stop complaining people,nobody needs anything ,we all have everything ,enough with being obsessed with gifts foe every occasion!Start with being kind to each other every day and realize that you have more then you need!!! I said my peace.

  • Jeannie

    A bracelet I lost at his place and he re-wrapped it and gifted it to me on valentine’s day. The bracelet was a gift from my dad with a special engraved message on it that has a special father-daughter meaning.

  • Jason Stuckless

    My girlfriend gave me an expired bottle of viagara. I think that says it all. 😉

  • Brandi

    you can pick a year, my husband is into the practical gifts. one year it was an eye glass screw driver, one year a set of flashlights, and for my birthday CAA membership. The year I got perfume it turns out he purchased it for a previous gf and she liked it so he figured I would like it too.

  • Gail Tauber

    A dollar store bar of goats milk soap.

  • Karri Grexton

    One year I received a shop vac and the next year after complaining about the shop vac I received roses bought with my credit card 🙁

  • Janice Montroy

    my ex gave me a jar of anti wrinkle cream lol

  • shaendra

    an iguana to which it molted the day after and died

  • Navedh Maitraiya

    I have never celebrated Valentines Days. My only reason is, and you will agree, why show love to your wife, girl friend, or boy friend on that one day a year. Right.

  • Ema

    I received anti- wrinkle cream.

  • Rajni Kalra

    expired chocolate with a white coating

  • Siobhan

    worst gift ever? nothing!! he forgot!!

  • Jason Stuckless

    Aside from the expired bottle of viagara, my ex gave me an elephant-shaped pair of underwear, with some other guy’s name and measurements written on the trunk! Thank God I found someone else!

  • rose grissom

    Flowers…not a typo…I hate getting flowers..don’t last long and I have to keep refreshing the water. Rather have something practical–don’t get offended by an ironing board if I need one.

  • disqus_1TSNL0Mk4E

    Not my gift, but in university, I was the only female in a house with 7 males. One of the guys asked me to wrap the gift he bought his GF….a handheld blender. I told him it wasnt a good idea, but he said “She told me she needed one”, so I wrapped it. He left to go pick her up and was home 30 mins later.Alone. With a 1/2 unwrapped present in hand.

  • riann

    my worst vday gift is a flowery top that wasnt my style and not even my size!