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While I am a lover of beautiful things, I despise clutter. I would much rather pay through the nose for exactly the right thing, which gets used and cherished, than have several sub-standard stand-ins, none of which is quite right. I feel at peace when everything has it's purpose and I don't own any two items that replicate each other's use.

Part of the problem with too much stuff is that it causes confusion and slows me down, preventing me from getting to what’s really important. When it comes to work, I want my clothes to be easy, fabulous and appropriate. I don’t want to sweat over who I’m meeting with that day and what’s the right thing to wear. Having something in my closet I’ve only worn once gives me a stomach ache. And in my kitchen, do I really need a special carving knife for the roast I make once a year if my standard chef’s knife does just as good a job?

If you share such a desire for a life made simpler, if only in the objects we surround ourselves with, you’ll want to copy my list of SIX of my latest favourite things that help me achieve just that.

1. The basic T-Shirt – It will be the most versatile item in your closet, because it can be incorporated into any look, no matter how fancy. Personally, I love to wear a t-shirt with a suit. Or leather pants. Or a pencil skirt. Stick to the neutral colours of grey, white, black and navy and your Ts will go with everything you own. And choose a brand made with a high quality fabric. My current favourite is Kit and Ace (No ironing required!)


2. Essential oil – It doubles as a moisturizer and a perfume, which makes it fantastic for travel. Plus, essential oils are usually cheaper than department store scents. My current top picks come from Saje.


3. The Apple iPad – I am now fully entrenched in all things Apple. I love that I use my iPad to read magazines, watch TV shows and take pictures. It’s a television and a music remote, not to mention a telephone!

4. Lemons – Squeezed over any dish, seriously, any dish fresh lemon juice takes flavour up a notch. And you should start every day by drinking a glass of lemon water (as an antioxidant it’s great for the skin). A lemon is a fridge deodorizer and a cutting board refreshener.  Lemon is at the base of so many simple sauces, there is no need to buy the pre-made variety. Grab some olive oil and salt and you’ve got salad dressing or a fish marinade. Don’t bother bucking up for organic unless you plan on using the peel.

5. The fedora – it’s trendy, it allows you to go incognito, it hides a bad hair day and unlike other items in your closet like, say, jeans, you only need one. I love my Eugenia Kim fedora.


6. The corkscrew – I am mystified by the gigantic battery operated wine opening contraptions that sit on people’s kitchen counters. Is that a bottle opener or a dildo? It looks like a wine bottle opener on training wheels and it takes up too much space. Learn how to use a classic waiters’ corkscrew. It’s what all the professionals carry and it is the elegant choice. Look for one with a long coil and a double hinge. It’s a great gift idea and it will become a prized possession.



Let me know if you have any favourite, life simplifying items to add to my list!



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  • nunnyabiz86

    I would have to say, my fave tshirt to buy is the vintage V-neck from old navy…cheap and it looks great! It also comes in tall sizes which is great for my 5’11” body haha