Marrakesh, Morocco: Dar Les Cigognes

Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | Tags: , , , , , , , ,

Because the outside world of Marrakesh, Morocco is so busy and bustling with people, staying somewhere quiet and serene becomes that much more important. We checked in at Dar Les Cigognes, a former riad (great house) turned into a lovely boutique hotel.

If the video won’t play on your
mobile device, watch it on YouTube.

More photos of Dar Les Cigognes:



The Lobby

Dar Les Cigognes - room

One of the  bedrooms


The unassuming entrance


Filming overlooking the courtyard


The fountain again. Its beauty changed throughout the day!

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  • Annie

    Loving the captions! Thank you so much for adding them. I tell everyone how fast you were to add them when I told you I needed them.

  • GTA_John

    I was in Morocco a few … well, more than a *few* … years ago. I wish I’d stayed there!