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Getting Inked

While on a hike with my dog this week I decided to do something I have always sworn against. — Read More —

Vancouver’s Back Side

I'm privileged to live in one of the world's most beautiful cities and I try to take advantage of that. I spend much time roaming the streets, particularly on the west side of the city, walking my dog and smelling the flowers (the lilacs are insane this season). But when I'm done analyzing the new builds and admiring the Mazeratis parked on the residential tree-lined streets, I like to become an alley cat. — Read More —

E-commerce Gone Wild

My new Restoration Hardware bed linens arrived this morning. So exciting! I'd been waiting almost two weeks after ordering them online. So just imagine how disappointed I was to discover the fabric colours weren't exactly the same as the swatches I saw in-store, meaning I now have to go through the hassle of packaging it all up and sending it back. E-commerce is killing my shopping high. — Read More —


HOW TO COOK FOR A CROWD (without losing your mind)

A friend of mine recently complained that she has 19 relatives coming for dinner this Sunday, and she's in charge of cooking. She wanted to know, how was she going to pull this off with the help of no one other then her 12-year-old? — Read More —
Kristina M 2

Best Day EVER – My time at Wild ARC

Recently I had the special and rare opportunity to spend the day as an intern at the BC SPCA’s Wild ARC in Metchosin on Vancouver Island. ARC, stands for animal rehabilitation centre - it’s a facility that cares for dozens of animals 7 days a week, 365 days a year. — Read More —

Tested: Rodan & Fields anti-aging skincare

Anyone who has tried and loved the popular acne treatment system Proactiv may be excited to learn of the latest offerings from the brainiacs behind it, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. — Read More —


Anna’s Test Kitchen – Hummus deconstructed

To become a good cook, one has to be open to learning. And there is nothing better then discovering super-easy-to-apply tips that have a big impact on the final dish. Tips like letting pizza dough sit for a couple days before making your pies (it gives the crust that tang) and cutting the sugar in cookbook desert recipes by 10% (most deserts are too sweet). Some of this wisdom is gathered by trial and error, some comes from all those cookbooks I read and some comes from hanging around real chefs. — Read More —

Joining the Fitbit Gang

This Christmas almost everyone in my family got a fitbit, except for me. After comparing steps and spending three months trying to one up each other, I was feeling pretty left out. I wanted in on the fitbit gang! — Read More —

Beauty splurges worth your dollar

As a self-admitted beauty product junkie, I am constantly testing new potions hoping for a miracle in a bottle. Given all that I buy, there is nothing better than finding one that delivers on its promises and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And there are many of those products out there. But sometimes it's pays to pay up. Here's my latest roundup of products that are worth the splurge. — Read More —

This is your captain speaking: Check those bags!

With March break in full swing and airports busier than ever, I thought it a good time to raise a travel issue that’s been gurgling for some time. And on my flight yesterday, delayed almost… — Read More —


Perfect Roast Chicken

If you ever want to win me over, make me a roast chicken. For me, this simple dish perfectly straddles the line between comfort food to be inhaled alone while wearing fat pants, and classical fare suitable to serve to even your foodiest friends. — Read More —