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How to Meet a Man in 7 Not-So-Easy Steps

I hear it again and again from my 40-something single girlfriends. At this age, a good man can be extremely hard to find.

“Online dating is such a crap shoot and time-consuming. I’d prefer a more organic approach but where do you go? Add to that that I do find that men my age want younger women. It’s tough,” says Lisa*, a 45-year-old mother of two.

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Would You Park Your Dog in Here?

Every year or so it seems there is something new on the Socially Unacceptable List. Soon after that it might become law. Take drinking and driving. I don’t remember getting to and from a dinner…

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Old School Kicks

I’m kicking off my stilettoed sandals and embracing footwear that doesn’t wear me out. It’s the summer of the sneaker and I couldn’t be happier.

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Anna’s Cookbook Club

That darn Gwyneth. She’s always stealing my ideas before I think of them. Last year I was considering what to do with all those clothes I don’t wear anymore and there she was selling off…

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It’s Getting CROW-ded Around Here!

I’m sitting in my backyard, trying to soak up a few rays, when my neighbour begins making the most god-awful squawking sounds. I go back inside the house, the squawking stops. Back in my lounge chair, it starts up all over again. He’s literally trying to drive me out of my own backyard.

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I Dream of Genie

Eugenie Bouchard is making history. As you surely know by now, never before has a Canadian woman made it to the Wimbledon semi-finals. (Same goes for Milos Raonic as the first Canadian male.) And tomorrow,…

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I Heart Vancouver

A few days ago I started to think about how lucky I am that my parents decided to immigrate here some four decades ago. Thanks mom and dad! They gave me a life of opportunity that I likely wouldn’t not have had back in Croatia.

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Your Guide to the Concierge Desk

I’ve been staying in a lot of hotels lately. Sometimes it’s for business and sometimes it’s for pleasure, but it tends to be in places where I don’t have many local connections. And that means…

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This is Glamping

This past weekend I was extremely fortunate to be a guest at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island. An amazing “glamping” style outdoor retreat, this weekend was even more spectacular due to the star power that came out in support of a Canadian charity.

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How to Get Dream Skin (temporarily)

I am a self confessed product junkie. In the olden days of my youth (the eighties) it was the quest to find the perfect shade of lilac for my nails, lips or lashes (I had a phase, I’ll admit). But as I age it’s less about makeup and more about skin.

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Can You Read This?

It’s the topic of conversation at every dinner I attend, especially if it’s taking place in a restaurant. It usually starts with someone holding the menu at arms length, squinting, as they try to make sense of it. “Is this writing tiny or is it me?”

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