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Cool New App

I cherish my library of cookbooks and refer to them often for ideas. But the problem with books is they don't change. I think I've memorized half of my grease splattered collection and am now moving a lot of it into storage. I will always love the books and seek out new ones, but lately I'm hooked on a the new app from the folks at Food52. — Read More —

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is coming up next week, on Tuesday March 8th. In this modern era, when there is an equal number of women and men in our Canadian cabinet, do we really need such a day? I can just hear people calling for an International Men's Day (there already is one) and it makes me think of Chris Rock at the Oscars last week, asking why we need both a female and a male Best Actor category. But the fact is, sadly, International Women's Day is still relevant and needed. — Read More —
Choices for skin cream at a CVS drugstore, Boston, MA

My Top Seven Drugstore Beauty Buys (All under $13)

Raise your hand, who likes to save money? Me too! We have so much in common. I especially don't like wasting money on salon and department store beauty products that don't work any better than their drugstore counterparts. — Read More —

Bake(d) Sale Coming Soon – The Road to the Legalization of Pot

I'm looking forward to the day when the prohibition on marijuana comes to an end in Canada. It's a promise the Liberal government made during the election campaign and appears to be one they plan to make good on. It's not going to happen tomorrow, but as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better. I'm anxious to get baking. — Read More —

Pink Shirt Day 2016!

While scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning I noticed someone using the hashtag #stupid to describe former Bachelorette and Love it or List it Vancouver host, Jillian Harris. I took note because today I'm attending the annual Pink Shirt Day Ladies Luncheon, which raises funds to support anti-bullying programs. The mean spirited swipe at Ms. Harris made me shake my head. As an auntie to five nieces and friend to several pre-teens, I worry about what its like to be a young girl in the digital age. — Read More —

Gym Etiquette

I can’t sweat it any longer, I have to speak out. The gym is starting to gross me out. — Read More —

Valentine’s Day Survival Tips

No matter what side of the relationship status bar you sit on - longtime single, freshly broken-hearted, star-crossed lover or old married couple - Valentine's Day can cause a whole lot of heartache. Because every one of us wants to be loved. There is nothing better than feeling the spark, flutter, thrill and comfort of knowing someone out there thinks you're neat. To feel it is to be human. — Read More —


Game Day Menu

Hey Superbowl fans, your time is now! Truthfully, I couldn't care less about football, but as many people know I'll take any excuse to throw a party. Here's the list of tried and true recipes I'll be serving on Sunday.  — Read More —


Easy Peasy Pupcakes

As anyone who owns a dog knows, the furry little buggers can cost you a lot of money: food, toys, grooming, dog-walking, daycare, vaccinations, not to mention dealing with any health issues. It can REALLY add up. — Read More —

Time to Kill….in Aspen, Co

They call it "champagne" powder for a reason. Just like sipping those tiny bubbles from France, when you get the chance to ski through the light, dry powder Colorado is famous for, it'll make you giddy. — Read More —

The Obituaries

I'm afraid to turn to the obits section these days. 2016 is off to a sad start in the arts. What's with all the icons dying? — Read More —