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The Mighty Cast Iron

During a recent spring cleaning of my kitchen cupboards I came across my old cast iron pan. I've been so caught up with acquiring and test driving the latest in pan inventions, somehow this had been pushed to the back shelf. Never again. — Read More —


Anna’s Test Kitchen – Hummus deconstructed

To become a good cook, one has to be open to learning. And there is nothing better then discovering super-easy-to-apply tips that have a big impact on the final dish. Tips like letting pizza dough sit for a couple days before making your pies (it gives the crust that tang) and cutting the sugar in cookbook desert recipes by 10% (most deserts are too sweet). Some of this wisdom is gathered by trial and error, some comes from all those cookbooks I read and some comes from hanging around real chefs. — Read More —

Joining the Fitbit Gang

This Christmas almost everyone in my family got a fitbit, except for me. After comparing steps and spending three months trying to one up each other, I was feeling pretty left out. I wanted in on the fitbit gang! — Read More —

Beauty splurges worth your dollar

As a self-admitted beauty product junkie, I am constantly testing new potions hoping for a miracle in a bottle. Given all that I buy, there is nothing better than finding one that delivers on its promises and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And there are many of those products out there. But sometimes it's pays to pay up. Here's my latest roundup of products that are worth the splurge. — Read More —

This is your captain speaking: Check those bags!

With March break in full swing and airports busier than ever, I thought it a good time to raise a travel issue that’s been gurgling for some time. And on my flight yesterday, delayed almost… — Read More —


Perfect Roast Chicken

If you ever want to win me over, make me a roast chicken. For me, this simple dish perfectly straddles the line between comfort food to be inhaled alone while wearing fat pants, and classical fare suitable to serve to even your foodiest friends. — Read More —

International Women’s Day

International Women's Day is coming up next week, on Tuesday March 8th. In this modern era, when there is an equal number of women and men in our Canadian cabinet, do we really need such a day? I can just hear people calling for an International Men's Day (there already is one) and it makes me think of Chris Rock at the Oscars last week, asking why we need both a female and a male Best Actor category. But the fact is, sadly, International Women's Day is still relevant and needed. — Read More —
Choices for skin cream at a CVS drugstore, Boston, MA

My Top Seven Drugstore Beauty Buys (All under $13)

Raise your hand, who likes to save money? Me too! We have so much in common. I especially don't like wasting money on salon and department store beauty products that don't work any better than their drugstore counterparts. — Read More —

Bake(d) Sale Coming Soon – The Road to the Legalization of Pot

I'm looking forward to the day when the prohibition on marijuana comes to an end in Canada. It's a promise the Liberal government made during the election campaign and appears to be one they plan to make good on. It's not going to happen tomorrow, but as far as I'm concerned, the sooner the better. I'm anxious to get baking. — Read More —

Pink Shirt Day 2016!

While scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning I noticed someone using the hashtag #stupid to describe former Bachelorette and Love it or List it Vancouver host, Jillian Harris. I took note because today I'm attending the annual Pink Shirt Day Ladies Luncheon, which raises funds to support anti-bullying programs. The mean spirited swipe at Ms. Harris made me shake my head. As an auntie to five nieces and friend to several pre-teens, I worry about what its like to be a young girl in the digital age. — Read More —

Gym Etiquette

I can’t sweat it any longer, I have to speak out. The gym is starting to gross me out. — Read More —