Anna & Kristina’s Beauty Call

Love the Shape You’re In

Our focus on fashion for our series Anna & Kristina's Beauty Call has us coming across people of all shapes and sizes. A common theme we're finding among most women is that they're not happy with how they look. According to experts, there is definitely a body image crisis happening. We interviewed some self-loving ladies for tips on how we can all love the shape we're in! — Read More —

Old Make-up? Toss it!

We admit it. Like most women, we've got a stash of old cosmetics hiding in the back of a cupboard that we just can't bear to throw out. But even though most make-up doesn't have an expiry date, experts agree it definitely has a shelf life. And it may not last as long as you think! — Read More —

How to Fit a Dress

Many women try on dresses and think that if it doesn't fit, there's something wrong with their body. But what most people don't realize is that dresses are made to be altered. It is very rare that you'll find one that fits perfectly. We talk to an expert to find out how to get the right fit. — Read More —

Photo shoot fun

Last week we had a full-day photo shoot to get a cache of photographs for publicity purposes. We were fortunate enough to get the chance to play dress-up with some fabulous clothes pulled by stylist extraordinaire, Tracey Pincott, and her assistant Leanne Trigg. — Read More —

Bra Fitting Tips

Bra shopping can be frustrating if you donít know what to look for or how to fit yourself properly. In fact, almost 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong size! We find out the ins and outs of padding, support, underwire, band size, and cup size. — Read More —

Dry Shampoo

With the convenience product market booming, can something like dry shampoo really make your luscious locks party-ready and save you prep time? We put some products to the test with the help of some volunteer Beauty Call viewers to find out which dry shampoo gets the A&K Stamp of Approval. — Read More —

Brown spot creams

Liver spots, brown spots, age spots: an almost inevitable sign of aging. Anti-aging products make a lot of big promises, but do they give results? We take a look at some brown spot lightening creams to see if any stand up to an A&K test. — Read More —

All work, and some play, in L.A.

Kristina and I are in the midst of a few shooting trips to L.A. I've been to the city so many times over the years, but lately it's feeling especially excellent. Perhaps it's the escape from Vancouver drizzle to the warm California sun or maybe it's those Governor Schwarzenegger commercials promoting California that always make me want to pack my bags. Who cares really, all I know is I'm loving L.A. — Read More —


From sexy to pretty, classic to exotic, sensual to functional, lingerie is a great way to set your mood for the day or evening. We delve into what there is to know to find the perfect undergarment for any occasion. — Read More —

How to pose for photos

If you shy away from the camera because you don't think you take a good photo, think again. It could be all in the way you strike (or don't strike) a pose. We visited photographer Jonathan Cruz, who has worked with such celebrities as Michael Buble and Daryl Hannah, to learn how to pose properly. — Read More —