Anna Wallner



Game Day Menu

Hey Superbowl fans, your time is now! Truthfully, I couldn't care less about football, but as many people know I'll take any excuse to throw a party. Here's the list of tried and true recipes I'll be serving on Sunday.  — Read More —

Time to Kill….in Aspen, Co

They call it "champagne" powder for a reason. Just like sipping those tiny bubbles from France, when you get the chance to ski through the light, dry powder Colorado is famous for, it'll make you giddy. — Read More —

The Obituaries

I'm afraid to turn to the obits section these days. 2016 is off to a sad start in the arts. What's with all the icons dying? — Read More —

Your New Winter Boots

This winter I'm lucky to be doing a lot of something I love, which is spending time in the snowy mountains. From snowshoeing to skate skiing to swishing through fresh powder in the unbeatable terrain of Whistler, sipping hot chocolate in a quaint village in the Rockies or barreling down a mountain in Colorado, I love to play in the snow. — Read More —


Vegging Out

Over the Christmas holidays I was asked to bring escarole lettuce to a new year's eve dinner party. The host had forgotten to pick it up. I had to go to four grocery stores to find it, but I'm glad I finally did. It was added to soup, right before serving. Crazy good! Lettuce in soup. I had no idea this was a thing. — Read More —

Happy Holidays!

Here’s wishing you and yours a very merry holiday season!  I look forward to continuing the conversation in 2016. Anna… — Read More —

The Year’s Top Headlines

2015 has had no shortage of spectacular news stories. As I look back on the year that was, there are a few headlines that stand out of events that may change the course of history. Not to be dramatic. These are the ones most worth remembering (even if we wish some of them never happened). — Read More —

Makeup Tips From A Pro

Makeup application is a bit like cooking. That is, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve and I can do a smokey eye as well as I can pull off smokey spare ribs. But just when I think I've got it (mostly) all figured out I run into a Michelin starred make-up artist and it reminds me how much better the pros can do it. — Read More —


Best Cookbooks of 2015

For anyone with a keen home cook on their Christmas list (or if you happen to be one yourself) read on for my top cookbook picks from 2015. — Read More —

Black Friday Survival Tips

As I head out the door in search of Black Friday deals, I thought it a good time to remind fellow bargain hunters of a few important tips and strategies to help you avoid a bad case of retail regret. — Read More —