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I Dream of Genie

Eugenie Bouchard is making history. As you surely know by now, never before has a Canadian woman made it to the Wimbledon semi-finals. (Same goes for Milos Raonic as the first Canadian male.) And tomorrow,…

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Your Guide to the Concierge Desk

I’ve been staying in a lot of hotels lately. Sometimes it’s for business and sometimes it’s for pleasure, but it tends to be in places where I don’t have many local connections. And that means…

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Accessorize This!

I love accessories. A hat, scarf, sunglasses, bangles, an ear cuff and I’m a sucker for a good belt – not all at the same time of course. When done well, accessories can cement your getup as solidly fashionable. The right bauble takes you from a plain Betty to a pulled together, sophisticated and maybe even a little glamorous Veronica. So I am currently loving the accessory for the ages: The iPhone case.

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Time to Kill … in NYC

I have just returned from four days in New York City and I am broke, bloated and hung over. But boy was it worth it. If you happen to be heading there and you happen to like food (if you don’t we can’t be friends), I encourage you to check out the following list. Some of these places have been around forever and continue to prove their worthiness. Others are new and fabulous and a couple are just new to me.

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In Season!

If you are anywhere in the Pacific Northwest area right now, stop everything and head to your nearest fish monger because I’ve got tonight’s dinner menu planned for you. Copper River Sockeye is in season for just a few weeks a year and if you haven’t tried it before, you’ll thank me. And if you have, then you know what I’m talking about and you’ve already had some. It’s the best fish in the world. Full stop.

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Password: password

Forgot your password? Try “password”. And if that doesn’t work, give “123456″ a shot. Given those are the two most commonly used passwords, chances are you’ve used at least one of them. Shame on you. It seems every week another major story about hacking hits the news – this week it was eBay – yet our password laziness lives on.

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What Your Fridge Says About You

Whenever I’m in someone else’s kitchen I take the opportunity to snoop their refrigerator. It says a lot about the life they lead. Is it full of take-out containers of decaying chicken balls? That person doesn’t cook, entertain or have custody of children.

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Is This Art? (I call it “I Stye”)

What do Kim Kardashian, Chris Hadfield, The Pope, Barack Obama, Ellen DeGeneres, you and I all have in common?

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Mom’s The Word

With spring tulips comes Mother’s Day. And on Mother’s Day it’s tradition to reach out to the maternal figure(s) in our lives with wishes of love and gratitude; be it with a card, some tulips or something more extravagant. A commercial holiday? Absolutely. But which ones aren’t?

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My classical french omelette with herbs

How To … Almost Everything

The best part of YouTube is not the funny cat videos. Hard to believe, I know. But no, the best part of YouTube is that now we can all learn how to be experts in absolutely everything.

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