Beauty Must Haves (not just for the party season)

The party season can be cruel. Forget the hangovers and heartbreak that can pop up; I'm speaking on a purely superficial level. — Read More —

The skin we’re in

Like many women, beauty products and procedures may very well be our favourite things to test. Are we looking for hope in a bottle? Perhaps. All we know is, whenever one of us or any of our friends has a beauty tip or product to share, everyone wants the scoop. And there are few things we loathe more than being duped by a promise that doesn't deliver. (We're talkin to you Nanoblur) — Read More —

Make-Up and Go!

If I were stranded on a deserted island, I wouldn’t need anything but sunscreen. But if I was there with, say, Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr. (or both!!), I could not live without my five key make-up must haves. They may not be enough to walk the red carpet, but I wouldn’t want my matinee idols (or most people) to see me without them. — Read More —
An Italian in New York by Professor Bop on flickr

New York Blows, Whistler Glows

Do you have ugly cities? Places you go where all of a sudden your skin or hair looks less than its best? Or the reverse, the moment you arrive, you've mysteriously got your glow on? My two extremes are New York and Whistler. — Read More —
Marilyn Monroe/Palm Springs by Lauren Bercovitch

Making a Break for Palm Springs

We're all about using the right tools for the job, and having the perfect vacation accessories is at the top of the list! We asked our friend editor-in-chief Sarah Bancroft to share her packing list with us as she plans her spring break in California. — Read More —

Four Years Later…

Wow, time really flies when you’re trying to grow your eyelashes. I’ve been using the prescription eyelash growth product Latisse for almost four years now, the longest I’ve ever committed to any single beauty product. — Read More —

A New Year’s Resolution I Might Actually Keep

This year I have ONE New Year's resolution: WASH MY FACE. A small confession: I’m really bad about doing it. Like really bad. If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll use a pre-moistened face wipe. If I’m feeling lazy, I skip it all together. In the morning, I’ll rinse with cold water. That’s pretty much it. — Read More —
Beauty Tips to Help Beat Jet Lag

Beauty Tips to Help Beat Jet Lag

Whether traveling for business or vacation, we all have to deal with jet lag. It can even happen if you haven't changed time zones due to dehydration. We learn tips from the experts on how to minimize the effects of jet lag. — Read More —

A few of my favourite things

Every once in a while I like to share my list of things I (currently) couldn't live without. Here are a few of my go-to fashion and beauty items... — Read More —

My go-to beauty product line

Although the name of our current TV show may suggest otherwise, I'm actually not a big beauty product junkie. I have one blush, one black eyeliner, one kind of shampoo, one get the idea. Between my sensitive skin and my budget-consciousness, striking a balance can be tricky, but one product line keeps me coming back for more... — Read More —