My Christmas Photo Album

Back in the day, the day before smart phones with built in cameras, Christmas was one of the few times of year we remembered to take photos in my family. I'm betting it was the same at your house too. I love going back over the old pics, reflecting on the various Christmases: the meals, the guests, the presents and of course, the squabbles! — Read More —

Happy Holidays!

It's the question heard round the world - "So, are you all ready for Christmas?" — Read More —

Will The Real Santa Please Stand up

This is the weekend many parents will be wrapping presents and hiding them from children in closets and under the bed, in preparation for the arrival of the big man in red next week. It got me thinking about how many kids really, truly believe in the story of Santa Claus. Because as I look back on my own childhood, I know I never did. — Read More —

What NOT to buy for Christmas

There are joke Christmas gifts. There are the “I didn’t put to much effort into this” gifts. And then there are the “OMG what’s wrong with you?!” gifts. Don't commit this festive season faux-pas. — Read More —

A&K’s Holiday Gift List 2014

It's no secret that we like to shop. But we actually LOVE to shop for other people. That's why this is one of our favourite times of year! Here's a list of our favourite gift ideas for this holiday season. — Read More —

Life’s Rich Pageant

Over the holidays several people have complained to me about having to get together with old friends, with whom they no longer have anything in common, “just because it’s Christmas.”  These are usually friends and… — Read More —

Holiday Musical Roundup

Can I help get you in the mood? The holiday mood, that is! Crack open the eggnog, cozy up by the gas fireplace and let this song list rip. Here are a few of my favourite holiday tunes. — Read More —


A few of our favourite things this holiday season… — Read More —

To You and Yours!

And sleigh-loads of cheer
for a merry new year!
— Read More —

A Very Merry Chrismukkah

The holidays are already a crazy time, and what about when you throw multiple faiths into the mix? Our guest blogger Lauren Bercovitch shares insights on creating an interfaith harmonious holiday! - A&K — Read More —