Life’s Rich Pageant

Over the holidays several people have complained to me about having to get together with old friends, with whom they no longer have anything in common, “just because it’s Christmas.”  These are usually friends and…

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Holiday Musical Roundup

Can I help get you in the mood? The holiday mood, that is! Crack open the eggnog, cozy up by the gas fireplace and let this song list rip. Here are a few of my favourite holiday tunes.

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Happy Holidays


A few of our favourite things this holiday season…

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xmas image

To You and Yours!

And sleigh-loads of cheer
for a merry new year!

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by Chris Kelly

A Very Merry Chrismukkah

The holidays are already a crazy time, and what about when you throw multiple faiths into the mix? Our guest blogger Lauren Bercovitch shares insights on creating an interfaith harmonious holiday! – A&K

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Opening presents, Christmas 2010, as my old friend Jay Korbelic looks on.

Dear Santa…

There is a lot of pressure at this time of year to find the perfect gift. And when it comes to buying something for me, there is the additional stress of choosing a birthday gift. December 26 is my big day, and it’s up there with Christmas Day as one of the worst possible birthdays of the year. Everyone is over-partied and over-spent.

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by Janis Nicolay

Tips for Avoiding Awkward Holiday Family Photos

Since we can’t all have a professional photographer on hand to capture picture-perfect holiday memories, we’ve got the next best thing! Tips and inspiration from guest blogger Janis Nicolay, professional photographer, baker, world traveller, and interior design connoisseur. Get snapping!
- A&K

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Holiday Shopping To Make You Laugh, Not Cry

Holiday shopping can be serious.

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A&K’s 2012 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for family, merriment, and thankfulness! From our hearts to yours, may we be the first to grab a mug of eggnog, and give a hearty cheers to the season of joy and a New Year filled with happiness. Check out our 2012 Holiday Guides below. We’ve got great finds for all who love to dwell, primp, thrive, escape, and eat!

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December 2011: Happy Holidays!

From Anna & Lola, and Kristina & Ruby

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