Turkey with a side of deliciousness

Thanksgiving dinner is just a couple of days away and I can feel people fretting over the possibility of a dry bird. But the turkey should be the least of your concerns. — Read More —


Your guide to cooking oils

Last week's post about olive oil got me thinking about all the other kinds of cooking oils in my cupboard and how to use them best. Because there is no one type of oil for all cooking and baking. Unsure of when to use palm oil over peanut? Read on. — Read More —


The Mighty Cast Iron

During a recent spring cleaning of my kitchen cupboards I came across my old cast iron pan. I've been so caught up with acquiring and test driving the latest in pan inventions, somehow this had been pushed to the back shelf. Never again. — Read More —

How To … Almost Everything

The best part of YouTube is not the funny cat videos. Hard to believe, I know. But no, the best part of YouTube is that now we can all learn how to be experts in absolutely everything. — Read More —


Grocery Bag FAQ: What happens to all the leftover food?

On our series Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag, we often end up with a lot of extra food after doing the taste test with our guest chef. The burning question: what do we do with it all? — Read More —

The Reality of Reality TV

Kristina and I have just returned from 10 days in Mexico. Sounds like the good life, right? Well not quite. It was good in that we were there shooting an episode for a new show and I am grateful to have work. But boy oh boy I had to keep reminding myself to be thankful because this was, without a doubt, the most painful week of work in my life. — Read More —


How to Tell if a Steak is Done

Rare, medium, well-done: how do you like your steak cooked? Here's a good rule of thumb for checking doneness. — Read More —
photo credit: CC Flickr/anjuli_ayer


The World’s Best Stuffing Recipe

I try to avoid gluten in my diet. But come Christmas dinner, I can’t resist falling off the GF wagon and stuffing my face with my all-time holiday favourite: stuffing. — Read More —


What Kind of Cook Are You?

Are you a recipe follower or rogue warrior in the kitchen? While filming our series Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag, we find out that we both have very different cooking styles. Recipe for success, or disaster? — Read More —


Home Made: The Perfect Steak

My step-by-step guide to making the easiest, most delicious steak in 15 minutes. You canNOT mess this up! — Read More —