Sicily in Pictures

Sicily - Italy's largest island (and the biggest one in the Mediterranean) is rich in history, mafia lore, stunning vistas, beaches and cliff-top towns. Better than telling you about it, here's a look at my week there, in pictures. — Read More —

The Doors

I have a thing for doors. Not only they are very useful for when you want to go in and out of places (or hide stuff away) but I also love their look and unending variety. — Read More —

Kristina’s European Travels

I love to travel and write about my experiences. And I'm having a lot of fun making my way through every country in Europe! Here are some of my recommended destinations: — Read More —

Travelogue: Bellagio, Italy

Last summer, I escaped to Bellagio on Lake Como in the northern lake region of Italy. It is famous for being the most beautiful lake in Italy - and for its celebrity inhabitants like Mr. Clooney! If you find yourself on these breathtaking lake shores (or just dreaming about them), I've got some recommendations for you! — Read More —
Bowl of Pasta at A Santa Lucia

A Taste of Milan

Fashion forward Milan may be a shopper’s paradise, but it isn't the easiest city in which to find the perfect Italian meal. Even well-known travel guides like Frommer’s have only about a dozen restaurant recommendations, surprising for a city of this stature. — Read More —


Prosecco: Champagne’s Tasty Italian Cousin

The Italian version of sparkling wine or France's champagne, Prosecco has become popular in recent years for its great taste, variety, and affordability. We put some brands to a taste test to see if we can choose a favourite. — Read More —


Tomato, to-mah-to

I have returned from Italy. What a time I had. The sights and sounds and smells and flavours were just as breathtaking as they were the last time I was there, last year. And as promised, I did some important research for my goal of perfecting the homemade pizza... — Read More —

That’s Amore

I'm off on vacation for a couple of weeks. Going to hit London for a few days of visiting with my beloved God daughter and then do a bit of traveling around my favourite country in the world besides Canada...Italy. I might also hit the south of France for a few days as I have some friends who will be there at the same time. — Read More —

I’m leaving, on a jet plane…

And I can hardly wait! Iím heading off on a much-deserved vacation (at least I think itís much-deserved) to Rome and then Croatia. Iíve been preparing for it for weeks, booking flights and hotels online, reading guidebooks, mining restaurant recommendations from friends and most importantly, perfecting my packing. — Read More —

Shopping in Milan

After a recent shooting trip to Tuscany, Italy, Kristina and I took a couple of extra days and took the train to Milan for a little retail therapy. — Read More —