Kristina Matisic


What To Buy Now

It can be most frustrating time to shop. The sun’s ablazing but fall merchandise is already taking over the shelves. Who’s ready to go there yet? Not me!

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Old School Kicks

I’m kicking off my stilettoed sandals and embracing footwear that doesn’t wear me out. It’s the summer of the sneaker and I couldn’t be happier.

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It’s Getting CROW-ded Around Here!

I’m sitting in my backyard, trying to soak up a few rays, when my neighbour begins making the most god-awful squawking sounds. I go back inside the house, the squawking stops. Back in my lounge chair, it starts up all over again. He’s literally trying to drive me out of my own backyard.

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I Heart Vancouver

A few days ago I started to think about how lucky I am that my parents decided to immigrate here some four decades ago. Thanks mom and dad! They gave me a life of opportunity that I likely wouldn’t not have had back in Croatia.

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This is Glamping

This past weekend I was extremely fortunate to be a guest at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort on Vancouver Island. An amazing “glamping” style outdoor retreat, this weekend was even more spectacular due to the star power that came out in support of a Canadian charity.

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Can You Read This?

It’s the topic of conversation at every dinner I attend, especially if it’s taking place in a restaurant. It usually starts with someone holding the menu at arms length, squinting, as they try to make sense of it. “Is this writing tiny or is it me?”

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Time to Get Beach Ready!

Sunshine, heat, ice cream and beach time – YAY! Shorts, skirts, bare legs and bathing suits – BOOH! Ladies (and some gents) may know what I’m talking about. I call it shed dread.

But when I saw that Jergens was coming out with a BB cream for the body, I literally stalked the local drugstore waiting for it to come out.

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Care For Some Gum?

You come home after an evening out and when you check the mirror, you see you have something stuck in your teeth. How long has it been there??? And why didn’t anyone say anything?!!

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The Best of Gluten-Free

I’ve been eating (predominantly) gluten-free for over three years. In that time, the number of GF products on the market has exploded. And while the selection has improved, the taste of these products hasn’t always kept pace.

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Sign Language

There are a 3,235,658* new drivers on the roads every year, which means more traffic, more headaches and ultimately, more idiots on the road.

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