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Soothing Sensitive Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? According to the American Academy of Dermatology, it’s an extremely common problem, affecting millions of people.

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What to Wear on Camera

Selfies, social media, YouTube and iPhone videos… who isn’t on camera these days? Whether these appearances are for work or for play, in still shots or on video, we all want to look our best. Here are some dos and don’ts for what to wear on camera – lessons learned the hard way.

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The Hunt for the Right Hotel

When I’m booking a trip, choosing the hotel becomes a Sherlockian task. I’ll spend hours, nay days, researching where to stay. Finding the right accommodations is part of my fun.

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Words of Wisdom

As a kid I kept a notebook where I jotted down the best quotes, proverbs and aphorisms I could find. I would go through quote anthologies and faithfully transcribe every piece of wisdom that spoke to me.

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Do It Myself???

I just completed three DIY projects around my house. In the process, I was reduced to tears, but not the kind you may think. They were tears of joy at the pride of completing the work on my own!

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Well Furnished in Vancouver

Remember the days when there was no Pottery Barn, no Restoration Hardware, no Crate & Barrel and no West Elm? Where ever did we shop for furniture in Vancouver? (Ikea, I think.)

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Maui Revisited

I just got back from a week in Maui. It was raining on my last day so the post-vacation shock was somewhat mitigated. I haven’t been to the Hawaiian isle in almost eight years. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, I was impressed by the scope of hotel, dining and shopping options.

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Think Pink

My version of “Are we there yet?” is “Is it Spring yet?” While we’ve been very fortunate on the West Coast this winter, I’m still eager to shed the wool coats, heavy sweaters and boots in favour of lighter, flirtier fashion.

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Social Media Frenzy

I spend way too much time on social media. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pintrest, sip of coffee, repeat. First thing every morning and more times a day than I care to admit.

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Cupcake Boss?

This family day long weekend, I was at home practicing my cupcake baking and decorating skills. It’s all in preparation for the SPCA and Humane Societies’ National Cupcake Day, this February 24th.

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