Makeup Tips From A Pro

Makeup application is a bit like cooking. That is, I've got a few tricks up my sleeve and I can do a smokey eye as well as I can pull off smokey spare ribs. But just when I think I've got it (mostly) all figured out I run into a Michelin starred make-up artist and it reminds me how much better the pros can do it. — Read More —

Personal party planning

I love an excuse to play dress up. I recently attended the Face the World gala in Vancouver, which raises money for several different local charities. (Over $1 Million raised this year!) This is an event I look forward to every year not only because it's a good cause, but because it's a great party with amazing food and entertainment. And with many years of parties under my belt, I know the rookie mistakes that lead to a sore head and sore feet. I have learned a thing or two about how to look and feel your best for an important event, whether you're heading to the Oscars, a wedding or a night on the town. — Read More —

Make-Up Secrets (part 3): Eyes

For hot weather eye make-up, M•A•C Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan shares her tips on prepping and layering your shadow, liner, and mascara. — Read More —

Make-Up and Go!

If I were stranded on a deserted island, I wouldn’t need anything but sunscreen. But if I was there with, say, Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr. (or both!!), I could not live without my five key make-up must haves. They may not be enough to walk the red carpet, but I wouldn’t want my matinee idols (or most people) to see me without them. — Read More —

Make-Up Secrets (part 2): Skin

Striving for flawless-looking skin? M•A•C Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan shares her tips on preparing your face with primer and foundation before applying make-up. Big secret: less is more! — Read More —

The Business of Beauty

Fed up with the less-than-sexy colours and bland packaging of organic make-up, Sasha Plavsic decided to launch her own product line. Her goal: organic products that don't scream "green". Her triumph: ILIA Beauty, featuring gorgeous shades, praise from top fashion experts, and yes, even up to 85% organic! I recently had a chance to chat with Sasha Plavsic to talk business, and beauty! — Read More —

Make-Up Secrets (part 1): Basics for Hot Weather

Looking fabulous in the sun can require a trick or two! We enlisted M•A•C Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan to share the secrets of how to guarantee your make-up glows (not goops or greases) in the heat! — Read More —

Blurring those lines of age

I'm at the age when product claims like "look up to 10 years younger in 40 seconds" make me stop in my tracks. 10 years? 40 seconds? Now that's an efficient use of time. All for only 20 bucks? I'm in. After doing a little research, I found loads of reviews on Nanoblur (which launched last year) online, and many of them are favourable. But something about the marketing of this product seems odd to me... — Read More —

Old Make-up? Toss it!

We admit it. Like most women, we've got a stash of old cosmetics hiding in the back of a cupboard that we just can't bear to throw out. But even though most make-up doesn't have an expiry date, experts agree it definitely has a shelf life. And it may not last as long as you think! — Read More —

Powder Eye Shadows

Shopping Bag Emma L. provides a thorough review of some popular shadows. — Read More —