Three more crime dramas to watch on Netflix

As another self admitted Netflix junkie, I thought I would add to Kristina's excellent list from earlier this week. Crime shows are my favourite genre - the darker and more sick and twisted the better. — Read More —

Five Crime Dramas to Watch On Netflix

What is it about Northern Europeans and their ability to create dark, gripping "Nordic Noir" crime dramas? Here are five of my latest favourites (and some are just new to me) in alphabetical order. — Read More —

What to Watch on Netflix

A world of TV shows and movies and nothing to watch. Am I right? You've probably seen all the obvious choices - the Netflix originals, the new release, the big TV series that finally made it online. Now what? — Read More —

Turned on and tuned in

I know this is the time of year when I'm supposed to watch less TV, not more. It's barely dark out at 10 pm for goodness' sake! But always having been one to go against the grain, I am finding myself making excuses to friends' invitations to go sit on patios and cutting out of early summer beach frolicking to watch whatever show I happen to be obsessed with this week. And I blame it all on Apple TV. — Read More —