Season 4

Behind the Scenes: Camel Riding in Morocco

Ever dream of hopping on a camel and racing around the Sahara? While filming in Morocco, we did! But the fantasy didn't quite turn out exactly as planned... — Read More —


Cooking for TV Critics

Cooking for anyone can be hard, but cooking for TV CRITICS - now that is stressful! — Read More —

Behind the Scenes: Mary Walsh’s Newfoundland

One of Newfoundland's finest, the hilarious Mary Walsh, dishes on the term "Newfie", nosiness, and why you should never underestimate a Newfoundlander! — Read More —


Berries: Natural Nutrition

Berries of all kinds are a sweet treat, whether alone or in baked goods, sauces, ice cream or many other dishes. Since berries are seasonal, we take a look at how to buy them, no matter what season it is. — Read More —

BBQ Tools: A Grillmaster’s Essentials

A brand new set of barbecue tools is just the thing to start off or complement barbecuing season. Here are some things to know when you're picking out a new set. — Read More —

Fire Extinguishers: PASS the flames

If you act fast, fire extinguishers give you a chance to put out a fire while it's still small. We talk to the experts to find out what works best for typical household use. — Read More —


Veal: Love It, or Not?

A somewhat controversial meat, you're either a veal lover, or you're not. We feel it's important to get to know your butcher and know where your meat comes from. Veal raised humanely is a delicacy to be enjoyed. — Read More —

Immersion Blenders: Stir It Up

Quick, handy, and powerful, an immersion blender is a popular tool in many kitchens for its time savings, ease-of-use, and quick clean-up. Great for everything from smoothies to soups, immersion blenders aren't all created equal. We put a selection of popular brands to the test to see which one stirs up the best. — Read More —

Waffle Irons: Breakfast, Anyone?

For those who love the perfect waffle, the right tool is a must-have requirement. Temperature, cooking consistency, and speed are key. We put a few waffle makers to the test in the A&K Test Lab to see which produced the best results. Pass the maple syrup! — Read More —


Iced Tea: Summer in a Glass

There's nothing like a tall glass of refreshing iced tea on a hot summer's day. If you don't have time to make your own, you can purchase the convenience of a pre-made iced tea mix. We put some popular brands up to an A&K taste test. — Read More —