Well Furnished in Vancouver

Remember the days when there was no Pottery Barn, no Restoration Hardware, no Crate & Barrel and no West Elm? Where ever did we shop for furniture in Vancouver? (Ikea, I think.) — Read More —

Retail Therapy

I've been living in Vancouver for almost 25 years now and in that time the city has come a long way as a shopping destination. — Read More —

My advice to retailers

I appreciate that retail is a tough business. And with today’s economy and leasing costs, it’s even worse. But it’s tough times for the customer too and I think retailers need to make a few changes if they want to obtain my shopping dollar. — Read More —

Online Shopping Primer

As savvy shoppers, we do our fair share of research online. In fact, it's usually where we start! You can also get some pretty good deals online too if you keep a keen eye on your favourite stores. Here are our tips for shopping online. — Read More —

A&K’s Buyers Almanac

As we approach the end of a season and look forward to a new one, many of us may already know that it’s the best time to buy seasonal items as retailers are clearing shelves… — Read More —

Dress Distress: Check the checkout before you buy

It may say "Spring" on the calendar but the season has not yet sprung here in BC. Despite the prevailing chill, I'm longing for a warm weather wardrobe injection. The shops are an array of bright, bold colours, flirty skirts and jeans in every colour of the rainbow. How can a girl resist?!? (Turns out, a girl can't.) But doing your shopping homework first can save you big, especially when shopping online. — Read More —

Sale Day Shopping Strategies

When those big sale events like Boxing Day (Canada, UK) and Black Friday (USA) roll around each year, it's hard to resist getting caught up in the excitement. As professional shoppers, we are often asked about our strategies for nabbing the best deals during these events. Truth be told, we both try to avoid it. (Besides, Dec. 26 (Boxing Day) is Kristina's birthday!) However, we know many who love the thrill of the deal, so here are our tips for making the most of these yearly shopping events. — Read More —

Layaway: a credit alternative

If you're old enough, the word layaway may conjure up some fond memories: you put a deposit on an item, like a bicycle, a stand mixer, a lawnmower, a winter coat, and then you come back a few weeks and payments later to take it home, paid in full. No high interest accrued, no debt worries, no problem. — Read More —

Dress to the Nines (For Less)

It's a good time to be a clotheshorse. The market is saturated, making it easier to find stylish clothes and designer knockoffs. To keep your closet au courant and your wallet intact, heed this advice and remember, at some time or another just about everything goes on sale. — Read More —

Penny Wise: Checking Out the Checkout

Whether youíve found some great deals or are just picking up a couple of essentials, thereís always the downer part of the shopping trip: time to pay up. Whatever youíre buying, keep a close eye on that register, especially during sales and busy times. — Read More —