Do You Know Why You Paid to See This? A Pop Quiz

While in Paris recently I stopped in for a quick visit at the Louvre. I always enjoy visiting my old favourites, like Venus de Milo and the pyramid. And then of course there’s the most…

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Time to Kill … in NYC

I have just returned from four days in New York City and I am broke, bloated and hung over. But boy was it worth it. If you happen to be heading there and you happen to like food (if you don’t we can’t be friends), I encourage you to check out the following list. Some of these places have been around forever and continue to prove their worthiness. Others are new and fabulous and a couple are just new to me.

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JK Europe 2012 313

The Hunt for the Right Hotel

When I’m booking a trip, choosing the hotel becomes a Sherlockian task. I’ll spend hours, nay days, researching where to stay. Finding the right accommodations is part of my fun.

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Time to Kill…in Sedona

Looking for a place to recharge your batteries? A place to cleanse your body and soul? Or the perfect spot for your next girls’ getaway? Look no further then Sedona, Arizona. I had no idea what I’ve been missing.

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Maui Revisited

I just got back from a week in Maui. It was raining on my last day so the post-vacation shock was somewhat mitigated. I haven’t been to the Hawaiian isle in almost eight years. In addition to the stunning natural beauty, I was impressed by the scope of hotel, dining and shopping options.

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The Travelers’ Code

Air travel for the masses has become nothing other than undignified. Given the close proximity we’re thrust into with the security line ups, pat downs and on the plane itself, it is an oddly intimate experience that too few people realize is happening with a bunch of complete strangers. It’s like everyone has forgotten we’re in a public place. Hellooo…..we all see, hear and smell everything you’re doing!

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Time to Kill….in LA (ish)

When someone says “LA”, it can mean a lot of things. It could mean you’re in Malibu or Santa Monica or Hollywood or the Pacific Palisades or many points in between. The place is sprawling and the traffic is HIDEOUS. When I go I do my best to restrict my movements to one or two neighbouring areas. Anticipating road congestion is part of the planning. (Note to self: Do not fly into LAX at 5pm on a Friday.)

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What You Need to Know Before Booking Your Next Vacation

Travel company Sunwing made the headlines recently, after keeping 200 passengers stranded at a Cuban airport for hours, without any food or water. I recently had my own travel troubles with Sunwing.

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Time To Kill In…Montreal

A free day in a city away from home is a gift from the gods. For me anyway. And that’s assuming we’re talking about a city worth leaving the hotel room for. Of course, Montreal is one such place. And then some.

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Delay reaction

Anyone who travels a lot understands the pure agony of being stuck on an airport tarmac for hours. And it’s worse, in my opinion, when said delay comes at the end of a long flight (as opposed to the beginning). Last night, Kristina and I were returning from a pre-TIFF event in Toronto. So after 5 hours of flying, we then spent almost 4 HOURS sitting on the tarmac in Vancouver due to a lightning storm, during which airport ground crews are not allowed out. (A sensible rule I’d say!)

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