Three more crime dramas to watch on Netflix

As another self admitted Netflix junkie, I thought I would add to Kristina's excellent list from earlier this week. Crime shows are my favourite genre - the darker and more sick and twisted the better. — Read More —

What to Watch on Netflix

A world of TV shows and movies and nothing to watch. Am I right? You've probably seen all the obvious choices - the Netflix originals, the new release, the big TV series that finally made it online. Now what? — Read More —

Movie Magic?

Dear film and TV writers, directors and DOPs. Long time fan. Watch a LOT of movies and TV shows. Love getting to know complex characters, becoming lost in a story, suspending all disbelief. But there are times when you're wrenching me out of the action with some old movie "tricks" that need a rethink. — Read More —

How To Get Your Own TV Show

If there’s one thing I get asked advice about (besides where to go in Croatia) it's how to get a TV show off the ground. Anna and I have received countless emails and queries about this, with people asking if they can pick our brains about the TV world. — Read More —

Girl Crush

I have a girl crush. Crushes to be exact. Before you get all excited let’s define the term. According to the Urban Dictionary (some website I found online) a girl crush is: — Read More —

TV Killed The Movie Star

The Golden Globes are on this Sunday and usual I will be parked on a sofa with some pals drinking too much wine; doing my part to join in Hollywood's Best (and from what I'm told, booziest) Awards Show. But aside from my favourite hosting duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the only reason I'll be watching is to support the TV shows. Because these days, there is little point in going to a movie. — Read More —

Bring it on, Bond Girls!

I was deprived as a child. Growing up, we were the last house on the block to get cable and our TV viewing was strictly monitored by my parents. The only shows I remember being allowed to watch were M*A*S*H and Happy Days, and only those because they were my mother's favourites. Joanie and Chachi got me through my formative years. We were told to "make up games" while other kids feasted on The Flintstones. — Read More —

Turned on and tuned in

I know this is the time of year when I'm supposed to watch less TV, not more. It's barely dark out at 10 pm for goodness' sake! But always having been one to go against the grain, I am finding myself making excuses to friends' invitations to go sit on patios and cutting out of early summer beach frolicking to watch whatever show I happen to be obsessed with this week. And I blame it all on Apple TV. — Read More —