JK Europe 2012 313

The Hunt for the Right Hotel

When I’m booking a trip, choosing the hotel becomes a Sherlockian task. I’ll spend hours, nay days, researching where to stay. Finding the right accommodations is part of my fun.

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A room with a view

I am extremely particular about hotels. Well, I’m particular about a lot of products, but hotels are probably number one. I LOVE a great hotel. As in, I have fantasies about living in one. I see myself writing a book and letting a few months slip by, somewhere like the Beverly Hills Hotel in LA, Corinthia in London or Palazzo Manfredi in Rome. No grocery shopping to do, a freshly made bed every day and best of all, room service!

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Kristina’s European Travels

I love to travel and write about my experiences. And I’m having a lot of fun making my way through every country in Europe! Here are some of my recommended destinations:

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greece sunset

Paint the sky

It’s true what they say about the sunsets in Greece. They are the best in the world.

Ok, so I haven’t been everywhere in the world, but I’ve been to a lot places. Over several decades I have seen hundreds (thousands?) of sunsets from points far and wide. No doubt about it, this one beats them all hands down.

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Packing up

I love to travel. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, I’m eager to hit the road, especially if it’s an opportunity to explore a new place. As the old adage goes, bring half as much stuff and twice as much money. I wish! Over the years, I’ve gotten packing down to a bit of a science. (My trick is starting early and that way I don’t forget anything.) And while my wardrobe changes depending on the season and the locale, there are a few essentials that I never leave home with out.

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Travelling off the beaten path

Going through some boxes this week I came across some old photos of a trip I took many years ago to Israel. It made me recall some great times traveling the globe, before the task of traveling itself became onerous. (Like when airlines served meals on china to people at the back. Can you remember those days?) It also reminds me of some of the absolute dives where I have stayed. Whether it be a seedy hostel or roadside motel while driving across the country, I have laid my head at some dodgy establishments. That’s part of traveling in your twenties and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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A Canadian girl in Paris

It’s true what they say about Paris in the springtime: there’s something magical about it. This was my third trip to the City of Light and this time I saw it in a whole new, well, light. In the five years since my last visit, the place seems to have developed a new attitude.

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palm springs area

Three more reasons to love Palm Springs

Palm Springs is becoming my go-to haven for some R & R. The weather is reliable, it’s a relatively quick jaunt from Vancouver, and it’s got the whole mid-century modern vibe that I love. After spending almost a week there, I have three must-stops to recommend:

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Loafer Love in Marrakesh

If you find yourself anywhere near Marrakesh, Morocco, be sure to visit Atika Shoes!

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Beach time

I’m off to Hawaii. The Island of Kauai to be precise. After several visits to Maui over the years, I am pumped by the prospect of exploring new Hawaiian horizons. Maui has endless resorts, world-class shopping, and A LOT of places to eat. It’s also where most people go. I’m told Kauai is decidedly relaxed, low key, less commercialized, lush, and still has enough choice of places to stay and play for even the most discerning traveler (me). It sounds perfect.

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