The 20-minute workout?

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I just shook my bootie in the name of fitness. To be totally accurate, I stood on a machine and it did the shaking for me!

It’s called Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Fitness and it’s offered at Pure Vibe in Vancouver.  It promises to help with weight loss, muscle tone, cellulite, circulation and even flexibility, all in a 10-minute workout.  (Though at Pure Vibe, the sessions are 20 minutes.)  Sign me up!

You stand on a machine with a vibrating platform that moves at from 6 to 28 hertz.  The machine sends energy waves into your body making it vibrate.  And I mean ssshhhhaaakkkkke.   You then do a variety of exercises while on the machine, like squats, lunges, sit-ups and push-ups.  Before you know it, you’re done!

When I stepped on the machine, my first thought was, I’m going to be sick.  This is may not be the best fit for those with motion sickness.  I did get more accustomed to the movement over the course of the workout, but I still felt a bit woozy on my way home.  (That in and of itself is a deal breaker for me.)

The theory is that the machine’s vibrations de-stabilize your body, forcing muscles to work harder than by simply doing exercises on solid ground.  I would say it made the leg exercises and push-ups a bit harder.  Abs didn’t do it for me as the machine limits range of motion and I don’t see much benefit in terms of cardio.

It also claims to send heat into your body and muscles and joints operate better when they’re warmed up.   No argument there.  But 20 minutes of lunges warms me up, machine or not.

That said, anything that gets you off the couch is a plus, and 20 minutes is better than no minutes.  If you are just beginning a workout program, this low impact regimen could be for you, but fitter folks may not find it challenging enough.  Plus, if you are a gym rat like I am, you’re likely familiar with enough moves to be able to duplicate a similar workout on terra firma.

Have you tried a WBV? Do you feel you got a good workout out of it? Let us know! 


The variety of machines available from Hypervibe



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  • Sue

    The things you do in the name of science, fashion or food! 😉

    I wonder if using a balance ball/board would be an optimal substitute. There are so many types of them now! You can do squats, push-ups etc. while on them. While there would be no vibrations to destabilize your body, I would think just the act of trying to keep your balance would destabilize your body or, at the very least, give your core muscles and stabilizers a great workout. And…. no motion sickness!

  • http://twitter.com/KristinaMatisic Kristina Matisic

    Hi Sue – yes, I often use the bosu or wobble board at the gym. And I think they’re better, because as you say, you have to work to stay on top. On WBV machines, it’s not really about balance.

  • Lvik

    Vibes in Victoria has been a staple in my exercise routine. I go 2 times a week and in a short time it has strengthened my core and helped my stability. I use to be a ballet dancer and trained for 18 years and I have never been so balanced until now, going to Vibes.

  • Laura

    Vibes Fitness in Victoria takes whole body vibration to another level, providing personal training advice with each session. The quality of the machines and instruction is fantastic! Can’t say enough about it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.cruise.33 Jessica Cruise

    Hi Kristina and Anna! I’m sorry that your first experience with this
    type of training wasn’t the best. I own Vibes Fitness, and we are just
    getting ready to open a Flagship studio in Vancouver. We currently have 4
    locations in Victoria
    and hundreds of amazing success stories! The
    platforms that we use are medical grade and allow us to offer a full
    strength training workout without the dizziness that you described! We
    will be opening this September and would love to have both of you in to
    show you a first class fitness experience!

  • http://www.facebook.com/amy.mcgeachy.12 Amy McGeachy

    Hi Kristina, we have a Vibes Fitness, here in Victoria. It looks like it is a similar concept to the machines that you outlined above, yet SO different! Some differences that I notice right off the bat are that they have a superior machine that has a large, wide platform (large enough to do full pilates movements on), the machines do vibrate, but they don’t shake you… They engage all of your muscles at once, thus intensifying each exercise and pose. The personal trainers at Vibes Fitness, put you through a vigorous 20 minute workout, based on your fitness level. I walk out of there DRIPPING in sweat. There are establishments here as well that “shake” , “rattle” and “roll” you, but they don’t have the same technology that the WAVE machines have . When I first heard about this concept, I immediately pictured the old school elastic band machine that jiggles your fat when you plug it in… SO not the case here. My body buildin’ boyfriend also uses the machines to tighten and intensify.He was able to maintain muscle tone while he was injured and couldn’t lift weights as well. I do find that it isn’t enough cardio on its own for me, but I wouldn’t typically do my cardio at the gym anyways. It intensifies my weight training workout, and is still gentle enough for someone who needs something low impact. For high impact cardio I like to incorporate a good boot camp on the beach, run by the water with my dog or hike on the weekends when I can to round out a complete workout routine. I really wish you were able to try the VIBES vertical vibration experience vs the one that you had… 🙂 Here is the link to one of their videos. You can get a good view of their machines here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmOZxSx1ea8&feature=player_embedded
    Thank you so much,
    Amy 🙂

  • Meghan Raza

    Hi Kristina,

    Like most things the right environment; the right trainer/instructor and in
    this case the right machine leads to the right experience! I have been using
    WBV for over 3 years now, (with a small break for a baby); a 40lb weight loss and a 21% loss in body fat, all I can say it has been my ultimate fitness finds! So much so that I opened Vibes Fitness second location in Sidney BC. Next week we celebrate our 2 year anniversary. When we opened 2 years ago I never could comprehend how one machine and great programs can lead to dramatic results in weight loss, strength, improved balance, increased circulation and bone density to name just a few of the benefits of WBV! Vibes Fitness workouts are accessible to all fitness levels; they may be your complete strength training program or be a fun and complimentary program to your existing routine.

    Top Athletes such as Serena Williams are using WBV to up there game.

    Kristina I say. . Try Try again!


  • http://www.facebook.com/dawn.drews.7 Dawn Drews

    I joined Vibes Fitness in Sidney, working out with the same machines that Amy talks about in her comments.

    After years of repetitive back injury, my physiotherapist told me that I simply did not have enough muscle to support a spine. I asked Dawn and Megan, the trainers in Sidney, to start me off like a really frail senior citizen. That’s what they did and within two weeks, I felt positive changes in my posture and core muscles. Fourteen months later, I am doing workouts that I never dreamed I could do a year ago. I feel quite strong again, my balance is considerably better for my sailing life and I have lost over 10 pounds. The best part? Dramatic reduction in back pain, both in frequency and severity.

    I have seen many others who, like myself, need a low-impact, trainer-supervised way of improving their fitness levels and they all seem pretty happy with the results they are seeing. However, I have also seen some Vibes clients who are INCREDIBLY fit and work more independently of the trainers, but enjoy the ability to do a full-body workout in less than half hour. I don’t think anyone is suggesting that Vibes will replace all other healthy exercise, but it certainly keeps me moving and that’s half the battle for me.

    I would recommend going for at least 5 sessions on the WAVE machine before forming any conclusions. I’d be very surprised if you don’t break a pretty good sweat and feel some muscles you didn’t know were there. I believe that anyone, within a couple of months, would make gains in the areas of weight, muscle tone, circulation and flexibility.

  • http://twitter.com/KristinaMatisic Kristina Matisic

    Thank you for writing in, all of you vibes enthusiasts! I will give it another try. Dawn I’m very happy to hear its working for you. The fact that it enabled you to become active again is wonderful. Jessica, let me know when you open in Vancouver. Definitely sounds like you have some real fans in Victoria.

    • Nicole

      Vibes Dunbar is now open!

      Hi Kristina!

      I am the Studio Manager at Vibes Fitness in Vancouver and would love to invite you and Anna in for a free week trial. We are located at 5628 Dunbar Street. Please feel free to call me at the studio, 604-428-8423. I look forward to showing you a great 15 minute, low impact workout guided by a personal trainer that you’ll love!


  • Shannon

    Hi there, I also attend Vibes Fitness in Victoria, and it has changed my life! In less than 2 years, I have gained strength and balance I would have never believed possible! As an added bonus, I have lost 75lbs! This is a great way to get fit in no time, and if already fit, challenge and maintain muscle and balance!


  • Allison

    It definitely sounds like did not have a good introduction to whole body vibration. I guarantee that Vibes Fitness would give you the experience that would leave you wanting more! I have been using the technology for 4 1/2 years now, ever since the first location opened in Victoria. I have to admit, I was very skeptical at first. However, after a few workouts, I was hooked! It is the first type of workout that truly works for me. No other program has enabled me to gain lean muscle mass. I am blessed with the ‘skinny’ gene, but working out at Vibes has given me a healthy amount of muscle tone and an increase in strength. I had my daughter 2 years ago and I had such a good pregnancy, I am convinced it is because my core strength was so good. Also, Vibes was a great for post-pardum workouts, as it can be a very gentle form of exercise. The wonderful trainers work with you during each of your sessions and customize your workouts depending on what you would like to achieve.
    I really hope that you try Vibes Fitness when it opens in Vancouver! I believe it will completely change your perception of whole body vibration.

  • Val

    I love going to Vibes in Sidney BC. I am much stronger and more flexible. With a trainer / customer ratio of 1 to 3, I get lots of attention and tweak my workout (daily) to meet my needs. I’ve stuck with this program 3 days a week for 21 months now!

  • Kathleen

    I first tried WBV training in 2009. I was an avid gym goer and enjoyed lifting weights and doing cardio. When I found Vibes I was hooked. I love that you work out with a personal trainer. There is a huge difference in the machines you can use (at other gyms). And this could create a less effective or enjoyable experience. Vibes uses top of the line medical and commercial grade machines that work within the proper mhz to create lean muscle mass and increase bone density. The trainers really care about your individual work out and make it fast effective and fun. VIBES FITNESS DOWNTOWN (Victoria) offers a FREE WEEK TRIAL…so maybe you can go try them out next time. Don`t give it up yet..it is worth trying one more time!

  • Emily

    I have been going to Vibes Fitness in Sidney for 2 years now. I have always been active, and Vibes fit my lifestyle perfectly. The trainers are always providing new workouts and exercises to try, and are always pushing you to try a little harder. I definitely feel I would not be in as good of shape if I was working out at a regular gym. I am not sure what machines A & K tried, but I have not experienced the same effects as they did. I recommend Vibes to my friends, and anyone else who is looking to improve their fitness and get in shape.

  • http://www.annaandkristina.com/ Kristina

    Hi all, I have an update for you. I tried a Vibes workout yesterday and I did like it better. The machines felt more solid and my legs were tired last night! I still don’t like doing ab work on it though, as I feel a bit queasy. I’m not a professional trainer, obviously, but I do believe that doing a variety of activities is key to staying healthy and fit.