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I'm obsessed with my new toy. My Thermomix TM31 arrived just before Christmas and the box was so big and intimidating, it took me a week to open it. Then we were into the new year before I put the Thermomix on my countertop.

The instruction manual, guidebook, dvd, cookbook and all those parts had started collecting dust before I finally dove in, because, while I love a new appliance as much as any wannabe chef, I absolutely detest reading instruction booklets and putting things together. (I swore off IKEA a long time ago – all the world’s allen keys should stay in Sweden.)

The big promise

For anyone who didn’t read our Christmas wish list last year, the Thermomix TM31 promises to do away with the need for a food processor and blender, not to mention your milk steamer, electric mixer, bread kneader, coffee grinder and juicer, among other things. And it cooks stuff. It sounded SO good. It’s like that tan skirt I’ve been eyeing at the mall. If I get one, my life will be perfect.

My no-instructions test

For me, one measure of an appliance’s usefulness is how interpretive it is. (Hail to the Blackberry.) So I decided to start by forgetting all the instructional material and seeing if I could figure out how to make one of my simplest recipes – mayonnaise.

The lid takes a bit of figuring out, but then it’s pretty straightforward. There are ten speeds, which means the blade moves faster than any food processor or blender I’ve seen. And I must say, that mayo was creamier than usual. Not only that, it took only a fraction of the time to complete. 

Thermomix: pesto sauce


I moved on to other sauces and mixes: hollandaise,whipping cream, soup and bechemel. Not only does this rig mix and slice, it seriously emulsifies. To a point far beyond what I’ve seen before. The results are beyond professional.

Thermomix: pesto

The drawbacks…

There are a couple of things I don’t like. It’s noisy, especially at the highest speeds. 

Also, my home is an open concept design so you can see the kitchen from other parts of the house. That always makes me feel pressure to keep my kitchen very clean and uncluttered. The Thermomix might have the workings of a Ferrari, but it doesn’t look like one. That said, I’m impressed with how little counter space it occupies given how many other appliances it replaces.

And then there’s the issue of the price tag: $1,600.00.

Thermomix: steamed dumplings

It does do everything (except the dishes)

So if you already have a well-stocked kitchen and live on a budget, I’m not sure I’d bother. But if you’re setting up a new kitchen, are a cooking enthusiast and have dough burning a hole in your pocket, this workhorse will not let you down.

Where to Buy:

If the Thermomix TM31 is the kitchen appliance of your dreams, find more information and purchasing options for Canada & the USA at www.easycooking.ca.

Thermomix TM31 



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