Travelogue: Bellagio, Italy

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 | Tags: , , , , , ,

Last summer, I escaped to Bellagio on Lake Como in the northern lake region of Italy. It is famous for being the most beautiful lake in Italy - and for its celebrity inhabitants like Mr. Clooney! If you find yourself on these breathtaking lake shores (or just dreaming about them), I've got some recommendations for you!

Photo Gallery

The view from our room at Hotel Florence. Oh, I wish I was there right now!


The view of the patio (terrazza) of Hotel Florence


The Terrazza, Hotel Florence, Bellagio, Italy (Photo courtesy Hotel Florence)


A mansion on Lake Como just outside of the village of Bellagio


One of the many beautiful towns on Lake Como


Yours truly shopping in Bellagio! Such a picturesque town.


Taking in the scenery of Varrena while touring of other towns on Lake Como by boat.


Villa Carlotta, a famous mansion and botanical gradens on Lake Como




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