Stop your whining (and let the baby do it!)

Friday, 26 July 2013 | Tags: , , ,

Young Prince George sure is causing a stir. Three times this week I've gotten into a debate about whether we should care about the arrival of the new royal heir to the throne. "Why is this front page news day after day in Canada?!" "What do these people even do anyway?!". "This child is born into such privilege, I can't relate." Well, DUH...wake up and smell the royal diapers people! Of course we should care!

The arrival of any baby is reason to celebrate.  And isn’t it nice to read happy front page news for a few days?

I for one am happy for the break from rail disasters, natural disasters, economic disasters and general grimness.  Those of you (Kristina) who roll your eyes at the endless coverage are enjoying your complaining, so I guess we’re all getting something out of it. 

Sure, those royals are only famous for being born. Or because they’re complex (crazy? Power hungry?) enough to choose to marry into the royal institution, and that seems to be what makes some people mad.  

The royals didn’t become celebrities because they worked hard at their craft of singing, dancing or acting.  But even many of those celebrities are where they are because of who they are.  Would Kelly Osbourne have any sort of celebrity status if it weren’t for her dad?  And Nicole Ritchie Please.  Google celebrities and their famous parents and you’ll see another, much bigger royal family.

For me what is interesting about this royal family is its history.  Pick up a history “book” or just watch Game of Thrones to get the idea (but it isn’t based on British history).  Kings and queens used to lead armies into battle.  For better or for worse, they have helped define the geography and culture of the world.  
And as a commonwealth country, those British royals of yesteryear played a part in defining Canada, which is arguably the most privileged country in the world in which to live.   We as Canadians were born into a great deal of privilege thanks in part to them.  They are relevant because of who they were.  This week’s new baby is a great excuse to learn something about the history of the world.  So get Googling.
Britain’s royals may not do much of anything practically relevant in our daily lives, but you can’t deny that this generation is redefining aristocracy.  Whether real or by design, they have created an image of being just normal enough to make themselves interesting to the masses.  
Will spent the last three and a half years working as a pilot for search and rescue and Kate mixes trendy, inexpensive clothing with her high-fashion.  And her mother used to be a flight attendant!  I for one couldn’t care less about what brand of car seat they buy, but then again I don’t have a baby.  Now, if they had some uber cool dog collar I’d want to know where it came from.
And Prince George and the gang are the basis of a booming tourism business; one based on hope and fantasy.  And don’t we all need a little of that?
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  • debbie

    I wish I had said that (actually I did say to my husband Its nice have good news once in a while) Plus the all the Royals support many charities, And yes the history lots of history I am very proud to be part of the commonwealth.

  • K-Mi

    You two are awesome! I love this post! xoxoxo

  • Brian McEneany

    Great comments. So true it does matter.

  • jack

    It’s nice to read your idealistic history of the royals. Yes, they did indeed help to define the culture and geography of the modern world, but at what cost? The British exploited the first nations of not only North America but people of India, Africa and many other places as well. We should all be aware of the past crimes of our ancestors that gave us (white Canadians) the privileges we enjoy today.

    • Anna Wallner

      I couldn’t agree more! As I said, for better or worse the royals are part of our history and who we are today. And that’s precisely why we should care…. 🙂

  • Rhona Byers

    Thanks Anna, as another post said, wish I’d said that. I agree the Royal Family (The Firm) as they call themselves are the epitome of British tradition and the bastions of British history, they bring in tourists, create smiles wherever they visit. We should be happy that they remain as part of the Great British life.

  • Erin Frew

    I think that history is important, and that’s one of the main reasons I really like the British monarchy. I also think that we don’t have to be able to relate to everyone, so who cares if they lead a different life than us? Finally, I think that we should refrain from judging Kate – none of us know her and we don’t know her motives for marrying Prince William, but I would like to assume it is the same reason most people get married, for love. Sure he’s a prince and she would have known that from day one, but we can’t always help who we love. I would like to believe that Kate married William despite the fact that he is who he is. In every relationship there are bound to be compromises, and hers just happened to be an extraordinary one.

  • David

    The issue here is why do the royals get soooo much attention in Canada (or anywhere else for that matter)? The day the baby was born it was front page news! Congrats, all the best, but why such importance on this? It’s ridiculous. Nobody deserves this type of attention and admiration, least of all people who have been born into royalty!

    There is no point in having a monarchy nowadays. I agree with Jack – your view of the history of the monarchy is quite romantic. All royal families exploited their “subjects” and wreaked havoc everywhere they went for their own benefit.

    There are plenty of good stories out there, we just have to find them. The news and the papers are not the areas to look. The royals don’t bring sunshine to my day. Anna and Kristina’s Grocery Bag does.
    ; )

  • Jessica Moor

    Well said 🙂 I’ve been frowning at the complainers too, it’s not everyday there’s good news to report. I’ve always been a bit of a history buff, but its always shocking to me how many people don’t know our country’s past – they don’t understand the English connection, but isn’t that usually the way – the people who don’t have clue always seem to complain the loudest!

    I love the new generation of royals – hopin they quit critiquing Kate – I do have a baby (well she’s 4 now) and I know it ain’t easy! Couldn’t imagine doing it with the entire world watching – I had enough issues with my MIL watching! Lol