The Shopping Bags

A&K’s Ten Shopping Commandments

Having logged many hours at the stores, we've learned a few simple truths. We call them the 10 Shopping Commandments: 10 rules we apply to each and every shopping experience. They help us get what we want, for less, and be more informed about what we buy. — Read More —

Green All-Purpose Cleaners

Making eco-friendly choices is an important part of taking care of your health and the environment. And it's getting easier these days with more companies bringing new, non-toxic products to market. We put three popular green cleaners to the test to see how well they cut the grease and cleaned up at home. — Read More —

Kitchen Counters

One of the most used areas in the kitchen, your counter top takes a lot of abuse. Hot pots, knives, dishes, spills, dirt and grime. All of it can take a toll on the surface. But there are many different materials out there to choose from, both functional and fashionable. We find out how they measure up. — Read More —

Muscle Rubs

Whether you're active in sports or have a labour-intensive job or hobby, you're bound to experience sore muscles at some point. We take a look at muscle rubs that promise relief to find out if they really work. — Read More —

Anna & Kristina: it’s shopping like you’ve never seen it before!

We're Anna Wallner and Kristina Matisic and together we've earned a reputation as North America's foremost shopping experts, revealing the real story for shoppers all over the globe. — Read More —


Veggie Burgers

For those trying to cut down on meat, or to increase their intake of greens, veggie burgers are an alternative to those delicious yet greasy cheeseburgers. We find out how veggie burgers stand up to their meaty counterparts when it comes to taste. — Read More —



Basic and versatile, bread has been enjoyed by cultures all over the world for centuries. We talk to bakers and nutritionists to find out more about this delicious food. — Read More —

Desk Chairs

Inadequate support from your desk chair can put added stress on your back, legs and even stomach muscles. Since you won't be likely to work well if you're uncomfortable or in pain, getting the right desk chair could be the key to your success. We talk to ergonomics specialists and enlist the help of many office workers to test some seats. — Read More —


Recliners are comfortable and inviting chairs, but are often the bulkiest in the room. Recently, however, designers have re-created the recliner with style and space-saving in mind. We check out some of these new options. — Read More —

Breath Fresheners

A major social faux pas, bad breath has spurred a multi-billion dollar industry that even outsells toothpaste. But do these products really work? We put some breath fresheners to the test against a hefty dose of garlic and coffee. — Read More —